Allijah A. Lee

Allijah A. Lee

A court appearance this week was postponed for a Peach Springs man accused of kidnapping and assault, as he considers a possible plea agreement.

Allijah Lee, 37, was scheduled to appear in Mohave Superior Court on Monday for a status conference in the case, after a continuance for the hearing was rescheduled on Dec. 15. The continuance was granted in order for Lee and his legal counsel to discuss the terms of an offered plea agreement and possible sentencing ranges in the case, should he be found guilty in a criminal trial. Another continuance was granted this week, and his hearing has been scheduled for March 15.

Lee was arrested Aug. 15 after a series of alleged incidents at London Bridge Beach. According to police, Lee reportedly accosted a man who was swimming in London Bridge Beach with his family that afternoon. In that incident, Lee attempted to touch the family’s 16-year-old son, before inappropriately touching the boyfriend of the child’s mother. Angered, the man allegedly pursued Lee before Lee ultimately exited the channel.

Afterward, Lee went inside a restroom building at the park. When a 10-year-old child entered the restroom, police say Lee attempted to shove the child into a bathroom stall. The child fell to the floor, police said, but managed to escape his alleged assailant.

According to police, the child told his parents what occurred, and the child’s father confronted Lee outside the bathroom facility. The confrontation erupted into a fistfight that allegedly involved members of both Lee’s and the victim’s families. Police say Lee fled the scene as the fight continued, but was found by officers in the upper parking lot of London Bridge Beach shortly afterward.

Police say both victims made a visual identification of Lee as their assailant, and he was arrested at the scene on charges of aggravated assault against a minor, kidnapping and misdemeanor assault. Lee allegedly declined to speak with detectives about either incident.

Lee was previously arrested by Kingman police officers in 2016 on charges of voyeurism and disorderly conduct. In that incident, Lee allegedly attempted to photograph a man in a restroom facility with his cameraphone, from underneath the restroom stall. The victim detained Lee, according to court records, and contacted law enforcement.

Court records show that Kingman investigators accidentally deleted the alleged photographic evidence in that case when they attempted to use specialized software to unlock Lee’s phone. A jury acquitted Lee on all counts in that case.

As of this week, Lee remained free from custody in lieu of bond, under conditions of the Mohave County Probation Department’s Pretrial Services Supervision Program.


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Those parents need to be at the court to speak out against the plea deal. As the victim they have that right.


Play stupid games & win stupid prizes; more people need to carry.


Clearly he has a history of this. If I was the parent of that 10 year old I would be so angry a plea deal is even on the table. Disgraceful and he will continue to do this.

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