The significantly more contagious variant of covid-19 has made its way to Mohave County.

The Mohave County Department of Health announced Thursday that the covid-19 Delta variant is present in some covid cases in the county. The Delta variant was first identified in India in December 2020 and was detected in the United States this past March.

Health officials are concerned about Delta variant because it is more transmissible than the original covid-19 virus. “Research indicates the Delta variant is significantly more transmissible than other variants, and the fact that we are experiencing an increase in cases, and the Delta variant is present in our county is concerning,” Mohave Public Health Director Denise Burley said.

While the variant has been spreading rapidly through pockets of unvaccinated people, those who have been vaccinated can still get it.

The Centers for Disease Control say 750 deaths have been confirmed among more than 4,100 people who’ve been hospitalized with covid-19 after being vaccinated.

However, being fully vaccinated may prevent serious illness, hospitalization or death according to the press release.

“Current research suggests that authorized vaccines are working on the variants, and to prevent future surges in cases, we strongly recommend that our county residents get vaccinated as soon as possible,” Burley said.

The county’s press release said there have been some “breakthrough cases” in fully vaccinated people, but it didn’t say whether any local deaths involved people who have been vaccinated.

Burley declined to answer questions about deaths related to breakthrough cases, citing privacy concerns. “Addressing any questions associated with the death of a person as a result of a breakthrough case would be irresponsible and a breach of HIPPA due to our low death number,” she said in an email.

Mohave County’s latest vocid-19 data says there have been 21,477 positive cases and 654 covid-19 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The county reported 76 new cases on Tuesday, with one new death.


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Ah, the dreaded 'Delta Variant'. The latest release in an ongoing series. Are all you pro-vaccine people going to get in line for the latest and greatest experimental drug that supposedly covers this variant? How much of this unknown stuff will you shove into your body? Wake up sheeple.


Yes I got my all my shots as a little boy and now my Covid shot and shingle shot. If you get sick pay your own medical bill.


I can not believe so many people in Havasu di not get their vaccines. If you get sick pay your own medical bills. Take personal responsibility for your actions.


For all of you who think getting vaccinated is a "plot," you will not be missed.


Denise Burley is playing the coverup game with her employers (us the citizens).


A good weekend to stay away from crowds.

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