Divers from La Paz County Sheriff's Office

Divers from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, Buckskin Fire Department and volunteers made several shoreline sweeps to search for additional explosive devices in the area near Castle Rock Shores Campground.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s office says explosive devices found in the Colorado River near the Castle Rock Shores Campground appear to be M-80 fireworks.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby said the explosives looked like they were homemade rather than commercial devices.

“They looked like M-80s duct taped to rocks that were tossed into the river,” Bagby said. An M-80 is a firework that contains the explosive power of one-quarter of a stick of dynamite.

The Sheriff’s Department said a person snorkeling found two devices in the water at the Parker Strip campground.Campers reported hearing an explosion the night before but they didn’t know what caused it, the sheriff’s department said.

Investigators believe a person was taping the equivalent of quarter-sticks of dynamite to rocks and throwing them in the river. Two undetonated devices were located and safely removed.

Divers from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, Buckskin Fire Department and volunteers, made several shoreline sweeps to make sure no other devices were left behind. Bagby said there was good visibility in the water at the time, but it was possible more of the devices had been thrown further into the river, and perhaps had become hidden under rocks or in debris. He added the sheriff’s office couldn’t be certain they had found them all.

Anyone with any information on this matter is asked to call the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office at 928-669-6141.

The devices were found just upstream from Buckskin Mountain State Park a day after thousands of people participated in the Parker Tube Float in the same area.


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