The new owners of one of Lake Havasu City’s oldest golf courses are driving forward with a five-year plan to renovate the facility for local players.

The Lake Havasu Golf Club was once operated by Dallas-based Arcis Golf. It was sold to three Havasu owners in 2017. Business partners Jeff Gilbert, Dan Esse and Craig Adams announced plans two years ago to renovate the property with an expected cost of almost $9 million. Now that work is underway.

According to statements by Adams on Thursday, contractors have already begun landscaping improvements at the facility. New features are being planned, including an expanded irrigation system, USGA-grade white sand, renovated sand bunkers and additional grass on the course. Renovations to the course’s clubhouse are also on the way within the next five years, he said.

Plans are also in place to move the facility’s maintenance building to create additional parking. The courses could include a convention center in the near future, Adams said.

The facility’s first 18 holes were built between 1967 and 1969 with sand dredged from Bridgewater Channel. More than 50 years later, the Lake Havasu Golf Club contains two 18-hole golf courses. It remains one of the city’s most popular golfing locations. According to Adams, however, the property languished under corporate ownership.

“When the corporations took it over, they sucked it dry,” Adams said. “We wanted to make golfing better in Havasu, and this has been a private project for us to give back to this golf course. We’re on a five-year plan to refurbish the facility and eventually the clubhouse, to give it more of a country club atmosphere. The local support we’ve gotten has been fantastic.”

Contractors have removed oleander bushes separating the course from Acoma Boulevard. The plants were replaced with split fencing as a border to the property.

According to Lake Havasu Golf Club Membership Director Alana Schmeling, further efforts will be made to conserve water at the course. An overall 30% decrease in water use is expected when renovations are completed.

“We’re excited to see improvements on the course,” Schmeling said. “It’s nice now, and the new owners actually live here. Before, corporate owners were taking the money from the courses in Havasu and putting it into courses they owned elsewhere. Now all of the money we make is going back into the course … We’re getting back to the original McCulloch vision.”


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