PHOENIX (AP) — Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered Arizona hospitals, testing labs and other health care facilities to keep reporting detailed information about COVID-19 to the state so officials can gauge the spread of the coronavirus outbreak and availability of hospital beds and other resources.

Ducey on Wednesday issued an executive order that extends the so-called Enhanced Surveillance Advisory for 60 days as the state experiences a renewed surge in COVID-19 cases amid increased testing positivity and a rising death toll.

The advisory was originally issued in March and was revised in September to include influenza reporting of data.

The continued flow of data will provide state Department of Health Services officials “with the real-time information they need to make informed decisions and allocate critical resources while keeping the public informed," Ducey, a Republican, said in a statement.

The department's director, Dr. Cara Christ, said the reports provide data made available to the public through the department's coronavirus dashboard.

The advisory has required hospitals and other facilities to report daily statistics on staff resources, ventilator availability, intensive care unit bed availability, inpatient bed availability and levels of personal protective equipment and medical supplies. Testing laboratories report results of all COVID-19 tests.

The state's coronavirus dashboard on Thursday reported 1,399 more confirmed COVID-19 cases and 12 more deaths, increasing the state's totals to 266,562 cases and 6,240 deaths.

The number of infections is thought to be far higher because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected with the virus without feeling sick.

In other developments,

— Arizona's seven-day rolling averages for daily new COVID-19 cases, daily deaths and testing positivity continued to increase over the last two weeks, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and The COVID Tracking Project.

The average of newly confirmed daily cases went from 1,036 on Oct. 28 to 2,076 on Wednesday while the daily deaths average rose from 7.3 to 24.1 and the positivity average rose from 9.8% to 15.1%.

— Organizers of the Tucson's annual rodeo on Thursday announced the cancellation of the 2021 event, which is formally known as La Fiesta de los Vaqueros.

The rodeo normally held every February is the latest of dozens of events that have been canceled in the southern Arizona city because of the pandemic Other cancellations have included the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and the Winterhaven Festival of Lights.

The decision was made “as we have learned more about the medical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and the logistical realities of social distancing within the context of our rodeo,” rodeo officials said in a statement.

Officials said they will focus on the 2022 event.

— The Flagstaff Unified School District board has voted to continue online learning through at least Jan. 5, two days after the two-week holiday break, the Arizona Daily Sun reported.

Superintendent Michael Penca said continuing online learning into January will help the district avoid the increased spread of the coronavirus during upcoming holiday gatherings.

— Tempe officials, citing the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, has postponed the planned start of the use of a downtown park as an outdoor eating area allowing consumption of wine and beer during some hours.

“Right now, we have to do what we can to help curb the impacts of COVID-19 to ensure the health of our community,” Mayor Corey Woods said in a statement.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death. The vast majority of people recover.

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Democrat - A politically correct name for the Communist Party.


Republican - the proper name for the modern conservative/fascist/Nazi bunch of morons.

Joe Nobody

Oh! Ducey tweeted his congratulations to Sen. Mark Kelly; He was subsequently hammered for not congratulating Joe Biden. McSally finally conceded...[offtopic]


Health experts have stated that if anything the death figure is likely an undercount. At the end of August, following trumps usual stupid statement regarding the deaths, Dr Fauci said, “Let there not be any confusion. It's not 9,000 deaths from COVID-19. It's 180,000-plus deaths. The point that the CDC was trying to make was that a certain percentage of [deaths] had nothing else but COVID," Fauci said. "That does not mean that someone who has hypertension, or diabetes who dies of COVID didn't die of COVID-19. They did."

The report, which was published Aug. 26 and is part of the CDC's standard weekly data update to the public, looks at death certificates and noted that COVID-19 was the only cause of death listed in 6% of deaths involving the coronavirus. Morons have misinterpreted this figure in two ways, by suggesting that only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are from COVID-19, and that only people with preexisting conditions are at risk of serious illness. Neither of these interpretations is correct. "These causes are entered into the death certificate by a physician, medical examiner, or coroner," a NCHS spokesperson said. "Death certificates may have one or more causes or conditions listed, as determined based on the medical expertise of that professional."

The NCHS defines "underlying cause of death" as "the condition that began the chain of events that ultimately led to the person’s death." According to the NCHS, in 92% of all deaths that mention COVID-19, COVID-19 is listed as the underlying cause of death. There were 161,392 such death certificates as of Aug. 22, the NCHS found. On 94% of death certificates that mention COVID-19, an additional condition is also listed, such as diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia or respiratory failure. But health experts warn that the suggestion that only people with preexisting conditions will be severely sickened or killed by COVID-19 ignores the fact that 45% of Americans have underlying conditions that put them at risk of developing serious illness if they are infected with coronavirus. Many patients who landed in the hospital with COVID-19 did not know that they had an underlying condition prior to being hospitalized, medical experts say. Then there are the patients whose contributing causes of death, such as cardiac arrest, were likely triggered by a COVID-19 infection.


Be ready for the communists to launch their false flag


Tee only "false flags" seen have been were those pathetically few Typhoid Donnie trash that flew over our city put up by conservative/fascists and have now all but disappeared, destroyed by hazmat crews. What I am pleased to see in Havasu are the hundreds of Biden flags waving in our beautiful blue skies - these gorgeous flags are also known as The Stars and Stripes.


Interesting article:


Tea baggers and tRUMP supporters have always stuck their heads in the sand and ignored the principles that made the former Republican Party strong. They are tearing the republican party apart.

Just look at election numbers, Mark Kelly received more votes than Biden and especially tRUMP. He typifies the type of person Arizona voters want representing us in Washington DC. You can see that republicans voted for him rather than McSally, because we aren't stupid and won't fall for anymore of tRUMP's con job...


Mohave County has had 297 new coronavirus cases in the past 7 days. More people seem to be ignoring the guidance on wearing masks indoors and the bars are packed. The mayor and city council need to reinstate the mask mandate and enforce it. 242 people in Mohave County have died from Covid-19 so far.


With the cases of virus surging to new heights across the nation would I be remiss in point out Typhoid Donnie told it would be gone on 4 November?

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