Embry Health

Embry Health officials continue to offer coronavirus testing at Mount Olive Lutheran Church Wednesday on Havasupai Boulevard, after leaving their former space at Mohave Community College in Havasu this week.

Embry Health officials have moved after almost a year of coronavirus testing and vaccinations at community college campuses throughout Mohave County.

The company, also known as Embry Women’s Health, has offered free coronavirus testing at facilities throughout Arizona since last summer, with drive-through service to limit possible contact with patients during the coronavirus pandemic. The company was on the front line in distributing vaccines this January to Mohave County residents. But with Mohave Community College students returning to class next semester, the company’s facility in Lake Havasu City has moved to Mount Olive Lutheran Church, only a few blocks from its former location.

“Our contract with Mohave Community College in Havasu, Bullhead City and Kingman are all ending at the end of this month,” said Embry Area Site Manager Luis Garcia. “Mout Olive was nice enough to lend us a spot in their parking lot. We’re in between shipments at the moment, but coronavirus testing is picking up.”

The new location will be open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for any county residents who wish to be tested for the coronavirus. Vaccinations will resume at the location as more supplies become available, Garcia said.

“We thank MCC for being so flexible, and working so closely with us, with the demand of the town. They were great.”


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