The first steps of creating a business are the hardest part. That’s why ASU Havasu and the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce teamed up last August to launch an annual contest called Havastartup. The goal: Discover great business ideas and give their founders a running start.

A group of mentors helped entrepreneurs fine-tune their ideas and turn them into plans. The ideas could be either for products or services.

An announcement from the university said the winners of the inaugural business plan competition were Gwendolyn Ennis and Kaylee Baker.

Ennis’ business idea is called Grow Grab n Grub. It will use hydroponics, aero gardens and aqua sprouts to growing your vegetables, fruits, and herbs right in the heart of the community. The environment would benefit from a reduction in land degradation, environmental pollution and water waste.

Ennis, a manager at BJ’s Bar and Grill, has 25 years’ experience in the service industry. She is becoming a Master Gardener. She is the recipient of an environmental science award.

Baker’s idea is called ZippNada. The company’s mission is to offer high quality, zero-waste products, service, and education aiding in the transition into a sustainable lifestyle. The vision is to spread the zero-waste movement, creating a clean environment free from the effects of single use plastic pollution for all.

She has created several local programs including Havasu Boomerang Bags and Zero-Waste Havasu.


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