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The Kitchen Art Work Space building on McCulloch will soon be the home of the Lake Havasu Farmers Market.

The unrelenting heat and dry desert can’t stop one group of Lake Havasu City volunteers from putting together a sustainable, fresh option for buying produce and handmade local goods, and it’s coming to The Kitchen Art Work Space in the Downtown District on July 20.

The Lake Havasu Farmers Market will feature produce and food vendors, as well as “entertainers,” which include anything unrelated to food. These vendors will offer things like handcrafted jewelry or artwork. There will also be a musician playing live, and the whole event will be indoors.

“We want all very local and handmade products,” said Regan Ross-Robertson, operating manager of The KAWS and committee member of Lake Havasu Farmers Market.

The market will promote “zero-waste, recyclability, sustainability, education and engagement,” according to the Lake Havasu Farmers Market Facebook page. They’re discouraging standard booth set up, where vendors usually sit waiting behind a table, waiting for browsers to come along. They believe that “tables are barriers to interaction and engagement,” so they are working with vendors to figure out a format that uses minimal tables and creates a minimal amount of waste.

The Lake Havasu Farmers Market is the brainchild of Ross-Robertson. The idea came to her while brainstorming ways to use The KAWS concept while incorporating the community. With its refrigeration systems, air conditioning and unique space, she thought The KAWS would be the perfect place to start.

“With Havasu’s climate, it needed to be inside,” she said. “Then I thought, well heck, we’ve got these refrigerators. Why not put them to use?”

While most farmers markets are held outdoors, the refrigeration element for fresh produce vendors is in extra bonus, especially in the midst of Havasu’s hottest temps. She brought the idea to Jackie Leatherman, Go Lake Havasu’s director of travel-trade marketing, and the Lake Havasu Farmers Market began working its way to reality.

A meeting was held on Monday with committee members and vendors in order to brainstorm more ideas for the market and to confirm the status of each vendor involved. The Lake Havasu Farmers Market is run by a volunteer staff.

“Our committee has been working like crazy,” Ross-Robertson said. “If we focus on the produce, everything else should naturally fall into place.”


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Terrific! I can't wait to shop there!

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