A vehicle fire that engulfed an RV Monday afternoon left one Havasu resident dead, according to Lake Havasu City police.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire which was reported after 1 p.m. on the 1600 block of Cactus Wren Drive. Police declined to give the name of the 65-year-old man who was inside of the motor home because his family had not been notified of his death as of Monday evening.

Police said the motor home was an extension of the residence next to it but the single-family dwelling received minimal damage to that one side. Police said there was one occupant in the home at the time of the fire who evacuated safely.

A city fire marshal, along with the LHCPD’s crime investigation unit, was on the scene late Monday afternoon. Officials say a cause of the fire should be released today.

The fire caused officials to block off most of Cactus Wren Drive and a portion of Cardinal Drive.

Havasu resident Courtney Tamayo said she was on her lunch break when she saw the thick, black smoke rising a few blocks away.

Tamayo, an employee of Edward Jones, was on her way to get a sweet tea when she decided to drive toward the direction of the smoke.

“I drove over there on my lunch break and wanted to make sure it was being handled,” Tamayo said.

When she arrived, Tamayo said there were several people outside calling the police.

“When I got there, it was pretty well engulfed and I thought it was going to catch the house on fire,” Tamayo said. “I kept going once I saw it was being taken care of.”

Four engines responded to the fire in addition to the city’s Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT.

CERT is a volunteer group of about 35 people who assist firefighters and other responders by providing them with air bottles, water, shade and clean towels.

One CERT official said they exchanged at least 15 air bottles for firefighters on the scene.


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