Ty Martin

Ty Martin

A former Lake Havasu City resident was sentenced last week to 16 years in prison for the accidental death of his daughter.

Ty W. Martin, 24, pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree murder last month under a plea agreement with Mohave County prosecutors. Under the agreement, additional charges of felony child abuse were dismissed against him.

The case against Martin began in May 2019, when Martin brought his wife and children to visit Havasu during the Mother’s Day weekend. Martin allegedly took his 20-month-old daughter, Madison Martin, with him to visit a friend while in Havasu.

According to investigators, Martin intended to take his friend out to lunch on May 11. He parked his vehicle and left the air conditioning on its lowest setting, the police report said, before walking nearly a mile to his friend’s home. As he waited for his friend to shower and prepare to leave, Martin allegedly smoked marijuana. By the time Martin returned to his vehicle, investigators say as long as 45 minutes had passed under Havasu’s summer heat. According to the police report, the car’s interior reached nearly 110 degrees while Martin was absent.

When Martin found his daughter, barely conscious and sweating profusely, he contacted emergency dispatchers. First responders reported finding Martin weeping hysterically attempted to resuscitate the child. Madison Martin was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center for emergency treatment, where she was pronounced deceased.

According to a June 15 report by the Mohave County Probation Department, Martin showed remorse for his daughter’s death, and stated in an interview with probation officers that he believed he was treated fairly.

“I made the worst decision a parent could make, and it cost me so much,” Martin reportedly told probation officers during his pre-sentencing interview. “I feel as if 16 years is a punishment I will accept. I will never be able to be with or see my daughter that passed away again.”

He will receive 405 days’ credit for time served in Mohave County Jail, and no aggravating factors were added by prosecutors in agreement signed by Martin.

Martin now remains in custody at Mohave County Jail, pending transfer to the Arizona Department of Corrections.


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I am continually confused and outraged at our judicial system. We have 2 babies dead....one forgotten in a hot vehicle and another baby dead from being beaten and starved to death. Both of these fathers received the same 16 year sentence. I am sorry but I do not agree with this.

Objective Dialectic

I agree cutup59. I do not understand how they can receive the same sentencing when one is a clear case of accidental negligence and the other is clear-cut murder...

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