Stacy Hakes

Stacy Hakes

Details remained scarce Thursday as the investigation continued into the alleged murder of a former Lake Havasu City resident.

Detectives continued to canvass the 400 block of Sunfield Drive this week, less than two miles south of Lake Havasu High School, as they sought additional leads in the case. But even as the investigation continues, police officials have been unable to offer additional information to the public.

“I do understand that this is frustrating, and there has been very little information that has been put out to the public,” said Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Frank Hayden on Thursday. Hayden added that when such information became available, Today’s News-Herald readers would be among the first to know.

Police responded to the scene of the shooting at about 2:50 a.m. Easter morning. According to alleged witness statements, Hakes was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle at the location when he was shot by an unknown assailant.

Sunfield Drive residents expressed dismay and surprise earlier this week at the incident, and the police presence that followed in the days since. According to police records, the last reported crime on Sunfield Drive occurred last July, unknown suspects allegedly threw rocks at multiple car windows and caused less than $1,000 in damage.

According to statements from Hayden earlier this week, police believe the shooting was a targeted act of violence. Hayden indicated that although there may be no immediate risk to the public’s safety, police will continue to seek any information that may ultimately lead to an arrest in the case.

A family member of the victim declined to speak with Today’s News-Herald on Thursday, citing the family’s need to grieve.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the Lake Havasu City Police Department at 928-855-1171, or call Havasu Silent Witness at 928-854-8477. Tips can also be submitted online at


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