On the heels of a contentious 2020 General Election, Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature have introduced a flurry of proposed bills in both the State Senate and House of Representatives aimed at various tweeks to the state’s election rules.

As of Friday, six election-related bills had been introduced into the State Senate and another two bills in the House. But there is still plenty of time for more bills to be introduced in the coming weeks.

So far all election-related bills have been introduced by Republicans.

Remove deceased from voter logs

According to state statute, each month the department of health services sends records of all residents who have died to the secretary of state who uses those records to cancel the voter registration of those who have died.

Statute goes on to require the department of health services to provide the names of all deceased persons annually. State law currently says the secretary of state may compare those annual records to the state voter registration database.

But District 15 Rep. Steve Kaiser has introduced a bill that would make the annual comparison mandatory - meaning the names of everyone who has died will be cross referenced with the voter registration database each year in addition to the monthly updates. Kaiser’s bill, HB 2054 has three co-sponsors in the house of representatives including District 5 Rep. Regina Cobb, and one co-sponsor in the senate.

Increase sampling

District 14 Rep. Gail Griffin is hoping to amend an existing state law that currently requires at least 2% of precincts undergo a hand recount prior to election results being certified. But HB 2039 would increase that to at least 5% of precincts or 5 precincts - whichever is greater.

Griffin’s proposed bill also stipulates that a voting center is deemed to be a precinct for hand counting purposes.

Early voting signatures

For early ballots, Arizona election law stipulates that the envelope the ballot is returned in must be signed by the voter. District 23 Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita of Scottsdale has introduced SB 1003 which proposes that if an early ballot is not signed, the voter must correct the ballot no later than 7 p.m. on election day.

Currently, Arizona law allows voters five business days after the election to correct their ballot if the county recorder determines the signature on the envelope is inconsistent with the signature on record.

Instructions and procedures manual

Arizona already has a process to review the official election instructions and procedures manual which is updated every two years. According to state statute the governor and the attorney general are currently responsible for approving the manual. But Ugenti-Rita’s proposed SB 1068 would give final approval to the legislative council and the governor’s regulatory review council instead.

Contesting elections

District 16 Sen. Kelly Townsend is seeking to extend the amount of time an elector has to contest a state election after the election has been canvassed and declared by the secretary of state or governor. The current deadline is within five days of the results being declared. Townsend’s SB 172 would extend that deadline to 30 days.

No more Sharpies

Townsend’s proposed SB 1023, takes aim at what voters use to mark their ballots after questions were raised about the use of Sharpies during the 2020 election.

The bill would bar a board of supervisors from requiring a specific marking pen on paper ballots. It would also keep supervisors from providing any pen that creates marks visible on the reverse side of the ballot, or a pen that would damage or spoil the ballot.

Override notification

In the event of an overvote or irregularity with a ballot, Townsend’s proposed SB 1025 would require the voter to be notified of the consequences of submitting that ballot. The proposed bill adds a stipulation into election law that requires the election official to tell the voter that if they choose to override a detected overvote when submitting their ballot, their vote for that office or measure will not be counted.

Study voting systems

Townsend’s SB 1036 would establish a joint study committee to examine voting systems technology and best practices. The bill proposes a 13-person committee, to be appointed by majority leaders in the House and the Senate, and one appointee by the governor.

The committee would have until June 30, 2022 to submit a report of its findings and recommendations.


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Borrelli isn't responsible for people dying from covid no more than Donald Trump is.

Very Stable Genius 2020

Borrelli, Cobb, Biascucci, Supervisors Angius and Gould and Sheriff Schuster all downplayed the virus, all fought mask requirements, all refused to protect public health and all blindly followed and still support Trump even after his coup attempt. They should all be ashamed for the grief they have brought to this County, their districts and this country.


Very Stable - You are correct, they all put tRUMP ahead of the citizens that they are supposed to be serving.


Ahhh, scooter, when are you goon to quit defending the fascist who is responsible for the trump virus that has, so far, killed nearly 400,000 American men, women and children? Had the fascist tin-horn dictator not lied to the American people last February and shut down virtually every program designed to protect us from the pandemic at least half of those dead could still be alive.

Very Stable Genius 2020

State Republicans kick off their “Start the Steal” campaign looking to disenfranchise voters ahead of the 2022 election. Meanwhile, 18 people died of Covid 19 over the weekend in Mohave County. Cobb, Biascucci and Borrelli need to get their priorities straight.


They all need to pull their heads out of his rear end...


Anything we can do to keep the cheating Democrats honest is okay with me.


I have asked this many times with no answer given. Can anyone give me one good reason to not have to show a valid ID when voting. Im sure the 2 village idiots can find something to say.....


HG. Shishka. What about it? Why not a valid voter ID?


How about answering the question BLM. Oh, you don't want to.


Sorry, didn't see your reply.

Comment deleted.

This coming from a person 'taken to the cleaners' by "Simon the Magnificent" in countless debates.

Carolyn and Fred

You do have to show valid identification to vote in Arizona. I would have assumed you would know this since we just had an election.


Most of the bills that were passed by the house for the last two sessions did not become law because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring them up to the Senate for discussion and a vote. Now that is proven waste of money. With McConnell stepping aside to assume duties as the new Senate Minority Leader we will cure that obstacle. Sorry Mitch, life can be like this sometimes ! Thank you to the voters in Georgia. Your activism has inspired our nation.

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Again, you diehard trump supporters only see the version of what he claims himself to be. Here’s what I see. A bloated, insecure, morally and financially bankrupted orange conman and wannabe dictator with tiny hands, a mouth that strangely resembles a rectum, and ponytail-length hair pulled up, twisted and lacquered down with spray starch to cover his fat bald head. A man who knowingly minimized the dangers of this pandemic, contributing to the deaths of nearly 400k Americans. A man who is constantly under investigation. A real estate developer that US banks won’t lend money to. A man who brags about grabbing women by their genitals. A man who refers to dictators as “strong leaders” and calls members of our military "losers" and "suckers." A man that can’t accept the fact he bigly lost an election, so he threatens election officials to find him votes, and then enrages a slobbering crowd of maga hatters, Qanon and Parler nutters to storm the US Capital. And even after four years of this buffoon continually projecting his egregious behavior and lies before the entire world, 74 million Americans still decided trump is the guy that “best” represents the character and the values of this country. These are the 74 million Americans that decided trump “best” represents their own character and their own values. Welcome to the cult of trump.

mike simons

After what happened in election 2020, I'm not sure I want to ever vote again. Very discouraged and disapointed!

Comment deleted.

BLM Well considering you obviously you don't know your a$$ from a hole in the ground. Maybe it's you that should never vote again or operate a vehicle.

All you wanted was to inject one of your usual stupid comments.


Democraps ,Cheating, liars!


One thing that can be said about Republicans they can find more ways than anyone to waste money on garbage that is not needed.


Democrats are not inherently liars, and Republicans are not wasting our money. After this year we should all be glad that the state is looking at our voting process.


You mean "our voting process" that has consistently elected Republicans to office. I agree, it's way past time to investigate that bunch of crooks.


alloveragain - I agree! While I don't really think that there is a problem with our voting process, there's no reason why we can't review it and make sure it's safe and secure. Our right to vote goes directly to the heart of democracy, we should protect it.


More money has been wasted by Pelosi than anyone else in history! Why impeach a President who is out in less than 2 weeks! She is the devil


I would ask you to provide empirical evidence to back up your ignorant comment about Ms Pelosi, but you can't - so I won't.

And why impeach the fascist scum hiding in our White House? Because if convicted he would not get his pension, would lose his million dollar a year expense account, lose his Secret Service protection and NEVER be able to run for office again. THAT'S WHY! We've lost enough money to this low-life scum.


Pelosi has not been making decision for the good of the people since she showed what she was all about by making non public info available to the press on Richard Rameriz the hillside strangler which in turn helped him stay on the streets and kill more people. No reason to do this. Most have been training for Bengazi....


havasuhikers - Impeach tRUMP to make sure another demigod doesn't come along and try to over turn our country in the future. It sends a message to protect our democracy.


Pelosi didn't waste a whole lot of money. She didn't do anything or get anything done.


'just a portion of the balls passed by the House'. Really BLM, another Easter egg!! How many of your listed bills make it into a law. That's right, '0'. A waste of time and money.

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