A caregiver for a Lake Havasu City resident was allegedly barred from entering a former client’s home after accusations arose that she had stolen money from a petty cash box at the location. But according to police, 57-year-old Cheryl Greeny returned to the resident’s home while intoxicated on Nov. 19, and assaulted another caregiver at the location.

According to the police report, other caregivers at the Papoose Drive address believed Greeny not only stole money from a petty cash box at the location, but had been using her client’s vehicle as well as a mobile phone belonging to the client’s deceased husband, before being barred from the property.

A caregiver saw Greeny arrive at the location on Nov. 19, police say, and told Greeny to leave. Greeny, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time, told the caregiver that she had come to take more petty cash, according to the police report.

When confronted, Greeny allegedly gripped the caregiver’s forearm with her fingernails, and then kicked the caregiver in her midsection before leaving.

She was later found by officers at her Mohican Drive residence, and appeared to be visibly intoxicated while officers spoke with her, the report said.

According to statements allegedly made by Greeny to police, she had gone to the Papoose Drive location to retrieve some of her belongings, and was confronted aggressively by the other caregiver. Greeny allegedly said the altercation was mutual, and that she was at one point pinned to the ground by the caregiver. According to the report, Greeny bore no visible signs of such a struggle taking place.

Greeny was arrested on misdemeanor charges of assault and disorderly conduct and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail without incident.


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it's about time that the lake Havasu City Police department is held accountable for their actions and what they do to people in this town. I have been arrested three times since moving back in 2017 for bogus crimes.


Normally in cases like this it's always about the money, and usually it's family members. But I guess that will come out in time when I talk to the prosecutor next week at my free trial meeting.


and Tina, the alleged victim who I did not touch except for her to try to get her off of me after she came at me and attacked me, as quite an extensive public Access record for beating up her daughter and various other people and she is a caregiver to another client in town that should know about this all I know is her name is Kathleen.there was also another caregiver, named Jackie Trust, who is on three years probation who is accused of stealing from the homeowner, which she did not do either.


the alleged caregiver that gave this information husband was reported on Facebook not very long ago for being a sex offender, Colleen Guild, and she has been proven to be a liar a hundred times over and goes to hilltop community Church. I have been a supervisor and in charge for almost 3 years, and when officer h. wanted me to blow into the breathalyzer I told him no, you can only pull my blood because that's the only thing that's accurate and they refuse to give me the test at the jail. I spoke to his corporal today as a matter of fact after I heard about this newspaper article I just read tonight, and I had very visible signs and was at the hospital emergency room two days after I was released from jail.


I went home to the address I was staying at and called the police to come help me as I was assaulted by Tina Cabo, and was not drinking at all. After being arrested, I asked the police officers at the jail to pull blood on me to prove I was not intoxicated and they would not do so.they also took me to jail in my underwear, with no socks or shoes or jacket and police officer hovdahl would not even get anything for me, nor would he talk to my witnesses that were on property when the assault occurred on me.

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