James Barone has a song in his heart, and a big idea in his head.

His project is so new that it doesn’t have a website yet, but the song “God, Trump and Country” by James Barone and the Olde School Band of Kingman is already available on YouTube.

With lyrics declaring love for the country’s leader and his policies, Barone, a former Lake Havasu City resident, plans to play at political rallies, supporting U.S. President Donald Trump and other Republican candidates.

Jim Barone and his family

Jim Barone sits with his family. His new song, “God, Trump and Country” by Jim Barone and the Olde School Band can be heard on YouTube.

He hopes the song will help convince Trump to make a visit to Mohave County.

“He is a warrior for the right, fighting deep state day and night,” the new Trump song starts, with video showing Barone singing and playing guitar accompanied by Frank Amico on bass, Jerry Bower on drums, Terry Chaffin on keyboards and Barone’s relatives, Michael and Kimberly Chaffin, who traveled from Tucson to be part of the recording. All five wear Trump 2020 campaign T-shirts, swinging to a sweet old country tune full of “stars and stripes” and “red, white, and blue” references.

For the past 25 years, Barone has played Christian music in churches. His interest in politics is relatively new and was triggered by Trump.

“I have already wrote three songs for the president,” he said. “I’m fed up with how things are going. I’m very conservative. I don’t like the direction the country has been going.”

Born and raised in the Las Vegas area, Barone was always into music. In the 1970s and early ‘80s he toured nationwide with a band.

He worked for pop singer Katy Perry’s father and knew her as a child when she lived in Havasu. “I showed her some stuff on the guitar,” he said.

In 1989, Barone moved to Lake Havasu City to be close to his aging parents. He got deeper into gospel music and started to perform as a “one-man band,” playing keyboard and guitar, with bass pedals and electric drums.

“We have two more songs coming soon,” Barone promises. “We just have to record them. But everybody can listen to ‘God, Trump, and Country’ on YouTube now; just scroll down 29 videos.”


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Great idea for a song! Hopefully there's some lyrics within about the wall. Something like this, "China and Mexico in a verbal squall, now that they know they're paying for that wall." Yea, I like the sound of that!


“The liar-in-chief is a proven thief,

as troops suffer at the hands of a muther.”


Now that is some funny stuff, particularly considering the "singer" used to perform "Christian" music and has now, most assuredly, crossed to the dark side in defending the lying draft dodging, racist, coward currently infecting our White House. Jesus weeps.


So what's your point that he used to play gospel music. Some more Squawkzilla BS. Jesus weeps.


"?" - "HwyRovr"

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