Charlie Cassens

Charlie Cassens

Candidates are still filing to run for seats on the county’s governing board, but one hopeful candidate announced this week that he would be withdrawing from the race.

Former Lake Havasu City Manager Charlie Cassens announced on Monday that he would withdraw his candidacy for District 3 Mohave County Supervisor.

“I reconsidered the time commitment, and decided not to give up four years of my retirement,” Cassens said.

The move could potentially leave Cassens’ former opponent, Mohave County Supervisor Buster Johnson, free to run unopposed for his sixth term. According to Cassens, however, it’s not too late for another candidate to step in.

“He’s been in his position for 24 years, and he wants to do it for another four,” Cassens said. “I wish him well, but there’s still enough time for another candidate to step forward – and I hope they do. It’s always healthy for elected officials to have that challenge.”

Cassens was a public servant for nearly 40 years, and held the position of Lake Havasu City Manager from 2009 until his retirement in 2017. He also served as the city’s public information officer from 2001 to 2005, and as an intergovernmental and communications affairs manager until he was appointed as city manager.

Cassens stated this week he would remain involved in the Havasu community through volunteer service, as well as participation in local projects and causes.


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That's a shame it is way beyond time that Buster be gotten rid of. Too many "special favors" over the years have tainted him. You know like being the employee of the year for that disgusting for-profit, private prison he lied us into?


Charlie is a good person. Smart move on his part. Enjoy retirement while you can!


Its a good thing.

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