Three-year-old Beauden Baumkirchner gets a hug from his dad, Brian, at the hospital. Beauden has had more than a dozen surgeries after he scraped his knee during a fall and developed an infection. 

A 3-year-old Lake Havasu City boy is still undergoing treatment this week after 17 surgeries, including the amputation of his legs earlier this month. Now two Havasu businesses are lending their support with a new fundraiser for the child’s treatment and rehabilitation.

Steve Judd, of the Arroyos in the Havasu Foothills Estates, donated a box of five wines for a raffle by the Shugrue’s Family of Restaurants. As of Wednesday afternoon, the effort had already raised $5,500 to aid the family of Beauden Baumkirchner.

Beauden, the son of Havasu business owners Brian and Juliana Baumkirchner, has received medical treatment in San Diego since late October. The family’s trial began during a camping trip, when Beauden fell from his bicycle while riding in a rocky desert area. Beauden scraped his knee during the fall, according to the family’s statements ABC News 10 in San Diego, and the injury became septic. As the infection spread throughout Beauden’s body, medical officials were forced to amputate both of his legs to slow the infection.

The child’s treatment is well underway, and with an outpouring of support from the Havasu community, the child’s father remains hopeful for Beauden’s continued recovery.

“The outpouring of support from the Lake Havasu community is phenomenal,” Brian Baumkirchner said. “Everyone feels for this little boy. In this day in age, when there’s so much bad going on, people want to reach out and help … he’s still in the ICU after six weeks. It’s been an emotional roller coaster.”

Medical officials’ initial prognosis appeared grim, Baumkirchner said this week.

Doctors believed early on that more of Beauden’s limbs may require amputation, and there remained the possibility that Beauden’s infection could prove fatal. Now, Baumkirchner counts his blessings.

“We’re coming from a place where we thought we were going to lose him, to this week,” Baumkirchner said. “If we’d brought him to the hospital 12 hours later, they told us he wouldn’t have made it. As a parent it’s your worst nightmare … he was so sick. But the fact he’s still alive, and he lost only his legs, is a miracle.”

Beauden’s next surgery was scheduled to begin on Friday. He received skin grafts on both legs, using tissue from his back and buttocks, according to the GoFundMe account created by family friends.

“The physician in charge told Juliana and Brian that they must be between 30 and 60 min away from that hospital for at least the next 90 days so that’s going to be super tough on the family,” the latest update read.

As of Saturday, a GoFundMe campaign raised almost $114,000 — from more than 1,400 individual donors — toward the Beauden’s medical bills and rehabilitation. Havasu residents who wish to donate to the family can do so at

“I’ve known Brian since he was a teenager,” said Havasu Foothills Estates managing member Steve Judd, who helped organize the latest fundraiser for Baumkirchner’s family. “It’s tragic, that a little 3-year-old could be victim to a terrible infection like this. It was shocking.”

Judd and his wife organized this week’s wine raffle, with a box of wine valued at more than $500. Shugrue’s managing partner Tom Felke agreed to promote the raffle at Shugrue’s restaurant.

“A lot of people know (Baumkirchner’s) family, and we’re expecting a lot of support from the community,” Judd said. “We’re going to get as much as we can raise.”

Tickets for this week’s raffle are now on sale at Shugrue’s Restaurant, on 1425 McCulloch Boulevard. The tickets cost $20 each, or six tickets for $100. Checks can be made payable directly to Beauden Baumkirchner.

The drawing will be held next Tuesday.


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Dawn King

Here we are, all bickering about politics and wearing masks, and this poor family is dealing with an unimaginable tragedy and life changing consequences. Should remind us how fragile our health and life really is. My heart goes out to these folks. I know my contribution doesn’t go far in mitigating this situation, but I’m certainly wishing them and their precious little boy the best possible outcome.

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