PHOENIX — Top officials of the 15 Republican county committees want a special session — and soon — to order an audit of the machinery used to count ballots.

But only in Maricopa County.

Michael Burke, who heads the Pinal GOP, delivered a letter to the governor Tuesday asking that he call lawmakers back to the Capitol to approve a special one-time law requiring an examination of the software used in machines made by Dominion Voting Systems. Burke said he and his colleagues -- the letter was signed on behalf of 14 county chairs and one vice-chair — do not believe that Democrat Joe Biden could have picked up so many more new votes in 2020 in the state’s largest county than Hillary Clinton got four years ago absent a software problem.

But the letter does not call for the same kind of examination of the tabulating machines in other counties where the results for the president were much more favorable. This, Burke said, needs to be focused on Maricopa County.

And Donna Tanzi, who chairs the Yavapai County Republican Committee, said things ran smoothly in her county. It is only in Maricopa, which gave Biden about 45,100 more votes than Trump out of nearly 2.1 million cast, that the GOP officials say there needs to be a closer look.

Those Maricopa votes are crucial: Biden won Arizona by fewer than 11,000 votes.

Burke said he hand delivered the letter Tuesday afternoon to the governor’s office. An aide to the governor said the letter has not yet been reviewed.

Senate President Karen Fann said she has her own questions about election procedures. And, going forward, she is looking at examining state election laws and procedures to ensure there are sufficient safeguards and that voters have “100% confidence’’ in the system.

But Fann told Capitol Media Services there is virtually no chance that what the party officials want will happen, even if the governor agrees to go along. She said there simply isn’t the time to enact a special law, have it take effect and examine the software before the votes cast this year need to be formally canvassed, something that has to occur no later than Dec. 3.

“I realize this is a Hail Mary,’’ Burke said. But he said he remains convinced that the legislature is constitutionally empowered to do what it wants on presidential elections.

What the request comes down to, the party chairs told Capitol Media Services, is that they’ve heard things.

“We’re hearing stories about Dominion software changing votes, doing all kinds of unfortunate things,’’ Burke said.

“I don’t know if that’s true or not,’’ he conceded. “But let’s find out.’’

Tanzi said her particular concern is the Dominion software, “or any software for that matter, and how is that being handled.’’

There already are auditing procedures that were established and approved by the Republican-controlled legislature. These involve taking random samples from precincts chosen by officials of the two major parties and doing a hand count, comparing what humans find with what the machine tallied.

If the results fall within the margin of error, that’s the end of it.

But if not, the size of the sample continues to increase until the numbers correspond, potentially getting to a point -- which has never happened -- where all the ballots are reviewed by hand and that becomes the official count.

In fact, if that were to occur, there already is a requirement in the law for the secretary of state to furnish the “source code’’ used in the machines to a superior court judge. And the judge then is required to appoint a special master to review the software.

The GOP county chairs, however, want the legislature to short-circuit all of those existing laws and order a special audit this year of the Dominion software.

“We just want to have somebody who is an expert at IT security take a look at that software and make sure it’s fine,’’ said Burke who put the letter together.

Tanzi, for her part, said she’s not convinced the hand count already authorized in law will answer all the questions.

“That should catch a lot of things,’’ she said. But Tanzi said pulling out a sample “could mean there’s a whole section that is missed.’’

For his part, Russ Jones who chairs the Yuma GOP, said he has yet to see any hard evidence that the Dominion software, which not used in his county, has caused problems. But Jones said he supported the call for the special audit “so we can satisfy, once and for all in Arizona, that the issues that apparently exist or may exist elsewhere did not occur in Arizona.’’

“It’s a matter of voter confidence in our systems,’’ he said.

And Elizabeth Speck, the former chair and now secretary of the Greenlee GOP, had her own concerns.

“I’ve always been very skeptical of electronic voting machines,’’ she said. Speck said she worries about software and hardware that essentially sits unnoticed in equipment until activated.

“The legislature has the ability to interview witnesses, review complaints, and most importantly, engage the services of an independent professional IT security firm, who have the expertise to conduct a forensic audit of the suspect software, determine if irregularities exist and provide piece of mind to the voters of this state,’’ the letter to Ducey reads “We must begin this process immediately before the election is certified.’’

What the county chairs want goes beyond what even is being sought by the Arizona Republican Party.

It’s lawsuit, playing out in Maricopa County Superior Court, is demanding that hand-count review be done on a precinct-by-precinct basis even though state law specifically allows counties to set up vote centers rather than force people to cast a ballot at a specific neighborhood location. A judge will hear arguments on that Wednesday.

Ducey, who has remained silent on the entire election and the results, is a critical player in all of this because he can bring lawmakers to the Capitol on any issue he wants. It would take a two-thirds vote for legislators to call themselves into special session, something that would require Democrat support.

But Fann said even if the Republicans who control the House and Senate did marshal the votes for the audit, they lack the two-thirds vote to have it take effect immediately. And the Arizona Constitution says laws cannot take effect until at least 90 days after the end of the session.

That means not just blowing by the canvass schedule but also the Dec. 14 date for the state’s 11 electors to cast their votes -- and even the Jan. 20 date for the presidential inauguration.

While the letter to Ducey represents GOP officials from all 15 counties, it may not reflect the views of each of the local chairs.

David Eppihimer, chair of the Pima Republican committee, said he never signed such a letter, never authorized his signature and, in fact, does not support a special legislative session.

He told Capitol Media Services the only letter he agreed to support was one saying that if Pima County had been using Dominion voting machines he never would have agreed to certifying the results.

Burke, however, said he has an email from Eppihimer agreeing to support the call for a special session.


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I couldn't look myself in the mirror each morning if I was a "supportive party" baby killing Democrat. And to call it a choice. Disgusting!


You keep posting this and yet no matter how many times you have been asked you never provide the information. Once again - who is killing babies? This is horrible and must be stopped immediately, so for God's sake tell us who it is that are killing babies. Be specific - WHO'S KILLING BABIES?


So I am curious, what will all your trumpers say if after all these recounts the count is either the same or trump may be down more votes? Will you then admit you were conned? Lied to? Led by the biggest loser in presidental history? Will you see the light?

Guessing not!

Joe Nobody

hvnfun - Then the recount is fraudulent. then they're recounting illegal votes, then they're ___ (fill in the blankS)

Joe Nobody

Evidence from a Trumpette POV: I know that there's a form of 'human' life on another 'planet' because there absolutely has to be. You prove that there isn't!


too funny, 4 years of trump and he has half he population doubting all the press and now the our entire voting system. Maybe they should not have trusted trump to begin with.

Joe Nobody

SOS Hobbs and her family are receiving death threats and are being guarded by DPS. The threats 'must' be coming from those BLM / ANTIFA thugs?


Rest assured people nothing to fix over here the D/Socialist have vetted Dominion Voting Systems is a "Canadian" company, a company that has close, very close ties with Venezuela and therefore China, and uses a Venezuelan company software that's been used to steal elections in other countries... Democrat/Socialist have this all handled.[wink]

FYI. Texas counted over 11 million votes in 24 hrs.. But Dominion Voting system is still counting. LMAO. I can say if you don't see a Problem that is Screaming Corruption you need to seek mental evaluation.


Ahh, yes, one of favorite dim-bulbs show up with yet another conspiracy theory. The true problem with the election has been the conservative/fascists whining about, protesting at ballot counting centers and filing stupid lawsuits. So far Typhoid Donnie is 1 in 25 and that was a minor win that resulted in no change to the numbers. BTW the other 24 were not lost, they were laughed out of court. Counting 11 million vote in 24 hours means they would have to be counting in excess of 458,000 votes an hour or over 7,638 votes a minute - so I guess you lied, again.


IcePick - [thumbup]


Agreeing with a fool makes you a fool.

Joe Nobody

So the (R) claims that Maricopa County, basically Phoenix, is a Liberal, Left-Leaning, crime infested (D) crap-hole like Detroit, etc.? Well, if that's the case how would you expect them to vote? McSilly finally gave up, it's pretty bad when she's too smart to join in the BS rhetoric...


Democrats are famous for coming up with excuses on why NOT to do something. I emphasize NOT because Shiska, HG, and STD don't seem to understand unless I yell certain words.


For God's sake, fool! Who are this "shsiska" and "STD" you keep nattering about?


What "Small Hands" and his supporters are up to should be thought of not as a litigation campaign that is likely to fail, but as an information-warfare campaign that is likely to succeed—and, indeed, is succeeding already. More specifically, they are employing a tactic called “the firehose of falsehood.” This information-warfare technique, according to researchers at the RAND Corporation, is marked by “high numbers of channels and messages and a shameless willingness to disseminate partial truths or outright fictions.” Unlike more traditional forms of propaganda, the firehose of falsehood does not aim primarily at persuading the public of something that is false (although this is a welcome result). Rather, it floods the information environment with so many lies, half-truths and theories that his supporters become disoriented, confused and distrustful of everyone. The firehose works—not all the time, not on everyone, but dangerously often. A 2017 study found that around 10% to 20% of the public believed a variety of fake-news reports, such as the false claim that the pope had endorsed "COVID-45" for president, or that the Clinton Foundation had spent $137 million on illegal arms purchases. Hence, we get these disoriented, confused, distrustful disciples of the "Lyin' King" spewing their insults, unfounded and nonsensicle claims on these pages!


So well said. Fighting the lies spread by Typhoid Donnie's Moron Brigade is nearly a full-time job. Amazingly I still see reports about Obama's "fake" birth certificate.


The last president elected by the American people, Barack Obama, has released his latest book, “A Promised Land,” and it is an excellent read. Written by a brilliant man who saved our nation from a repeat of The Great Depression we were headed for thanks to that stupid Bush Kid. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in what an amazing journey this person has had.

In retaliation - of course - it is being bandied about that Typhoid Donnie will be releasing a book as well. The working title is “America and How I Destroyed It” and it will be 42-page pop-up coloring book. The only problem at the moment is no publisher wants to touch a piece of crap that will self-immolate on the shelves of book stores when exposed to the air.




LOL! BigBob, there were other factors in rejecting the book deal, i.e., 4th grade reading level, simple sentences, rare complex sentences, independent clauses, seems to favor second person, repeats a lot, favorite words over and over, always includes "friends agree with him" and "tremendous". Appears not smart nor well informed, don't know how he passed his SAT???

Mary McCord Robinson

Kelli Ward fired the Maricopa GOP Chair for failing to attend the Logic and Accuracy testing of the ballot count machine. Maricopa had their chance to call out any discrepancies. And now we should all sit back and allow for a special session? Get over it, Trump lost in Maricopa.


Thank you Mary, Chemtrail Kelli never thinks past the end of her nose and never takes responsibility for her screw ups.

Arizona could not have flipped Blue without Chemtrail Kelli's help!

Joe Nobody

A picture was posted on Kelli's twitter of her watching an audit right before she came out and said no (R) was allowed to observe an audit. Maybe she was right about Chemtrails causing brain damage?


She will lie about anything to rile up the ignorant...


No, he didn't lose. Donald J. Trump is still president last time I checked.


Yes, you sad little brain-damaged moron, Typhoid Donnie did LOSE - BIG TIME! He LOST by the highest number of votes ever cast by the American people. He LOST yesterday, he will still have LOST tomorrow and for time and all eternity everyone will know he LOST! He is now a lame a$$ president, so learn to deal with it, fool.




To quote tRUMP and other republicans, "It was a LANDSLIDE!"




The moron known as Typhoid Donnie posted some lies on Tuesday night that Tucker Carlson (a FOX news fool) had already apologized for broadcasting.

Typhoid Donnie’s ignorant tweet was linked to a report by moron Carlson claiming dead people had voted in Georgia, one of the many states won by President Elect Joe Biden. Our liar-in-chief shout-tweeted (the thing 12-year-old girls do) that the late James Blalock had voted in the 2020 election. In reality, it was his widow who voted under the name “Mrs. James Blalock.” Carlson apologized on the air last Friday admitting he had misled (aka- lied) to his mostly brain dead audience.

The truth came to light when Atlanta’s channel 11 simply knocked on the widow’s door and asked her about her vote, “He’s not voting. He didn’t vote,” Agnes Blalock told the station. “It was me.”

11Alive’s Brandon Keefe reported of the four supposed dead voters in Georgia that were highlighted by Typhoid Donnie’s lying minions, two were alive, one was dead but did not vote and a fourth remained under investigation.

Georgia officials said that despite Typhoid Donnie’s ridiculous claims to the contrary there was no evidence whatsoever of any fraud in the state, which went Democratic in a presidential contest for the first time since 1992.




This is crazy! It’s never going to end! There’s been no evidence anywhere! It’s just wasting tax payers dollars!! Grow up!!




You have to wonder at just how massively stupid people must be to be taken in by a master con-man and grifter to the point they become members of a cult devoted to the destruction of our nation, blindly following him as he leads them down a road of personal destruction, compels them to buy cheap, shoddy Chinese crap and to actually send this “billionaire” money. Money the majority of these poor saps cannot afford to lose. All of this just to prove to the world just how ignorant they are. This con-man, grifter is a master at his craft. He is one of the greatest liars in the world convincing people, even when they know he’s lying, to not only defend him, but to support him and send him more money.

This scum is a massive infection that has caused the people of our once great our nation to turn against each other. This infection is even worse than the horrible virus - the trump virus - this low-life is responsible for that has killed, so far, over 246,000 innocent American men, women and children. This infection has caused our once great nation to become a world-wide laughingstock and seen to the virtual destruction of our once sacred Constitution. He has even taken one of the greatest traditions of our democratic republic, the peaceful transition from one president to another, and turned into a joke.

He lies with impunity while the members of his cult eat it up like a double-cone from Baskin-Robbins. He has turned once honorable American veterans into buffoons as they openly reject the oath they took to protect our nation in favor of protecting a “man” who is controlled by the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin. They watch as his grifter crime family steals our nation blind while bending over and saying, “Thank you, Sir, may I have another.”

His time is coming to a close, but not soon enough for the well-being of our nation as it appears obvious the next trick up his sleeve will be to sell our nation’s classified secrets to the highest bidder.

We have been screwed by a master and as difficult as it will be President Biden and Vice President Harris, along with a cadre of true Americans, will pull us out of this black hole Typhoid Donnie has dumped us into, but it’s going to be a long hard battle. Gird your loins America, we’ve got a lot of work to do.


BigBob..No need for me to comment here,you do it so very well..:-) Thank you!

Too old for this

BigBob..No need for me to comment here. You are not worth the time.


It is curious how you always seem to have time to denigrate me, but never have time to deal with a simple question I have been asking you for weeks, to wit -

I’m still waiting on you to tell me the title of the book you claim to have read - you remember, where you libeled me in these pages? Why won't you tell me the title? Heck, Skippy, I even said I would buy-back any of the books I've written that you bought and found "boring." You know what, you're a liar - you have neither bought nor read any of my books. Admit it! Any explanation as to why you will not deal with this libelous action of yours would be appreciated.




BigBob - Correct! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

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