Doug Ducey

PHOENIX — Gov. Doug Ducey is blocking government agencies and some businesses from requiring customers to prove they have been vaccinated against covid-19.

But the owner of your favorite restaurant or grocery store remains free to turn you away if you aren’t fully inoculated.

In the latest use of his emergency powers Monday, the governor issued an executive order barring any state or local government from denying access to any building, business, facility, location, park or other space simply because that person has not provided proof of vaccination. The same executive order says vaccination proof also cannot be required by government agencies as a condition of receiving any permit, service, license or work authorization.

Ducey also said that any business that has a contract with the state to provide services to the public is similarly prohibited from demanding documentation of vaccine status of customers.

“The residents of our state should not be required by the government to share their private medical information,’’ the governor said in a prepared statement.

But Ducey’s claim claim that he is banning so-called “vaccine passports’’ doesn’t hold up under closer examination.

His restrictions on what businesses can and cannot do covers only firms with state contracts. Companies that aren’t getting money from the state are unaffected and can shun unvaccinated customers, just as they now are free to require their patrons to wear masks despite the lack of any statewide mandate.

Potentially more significant, the order as crafted also does not affect what employers can require of their workers. Firms can decide to hire only those who hare fully immunized.

And Ducey’s order also contains other exceptions to his ban on people having to produce proof of vaccination.

For example, hospitals, nursing homes and other congregate care settings still can deny access to patients, residents, employees or visitors.

It also leaves undisturbed the current ability of schools, child care centers and universities to demand a student’s vaccination records.

But those laws address the normal childhood diseases, things like measles and mumps. There is no current requirement for children to be vaccinated against other viruses, including COVID-19.

Finally, Ducey’s order does allow state or local health officials to require people to provide documentation of their vaccination status during any COVID-19 outbreak investigation.

The issue of vaccine passports has become a political issue since the Biden administration said it was developing standards for people to prove they have been vaccinated against the virus.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said there will be no national mandate. But just the idea of it has raised fears that people might be asked for their papers.

It also comes nearly two weeks after the Senate Appropriations Committee approved an even broader plan. It would prohibit any and all businesses from demanding proof of vaccination for customers, regardless of whether they get money from the state.

HB 2190, as currently written, also would bar businesses owners from making vaccination a requirement for employees. But Rep. Bret Roberts, R-Maricopa, said that verbiage is likely to be removed if and when his measure goes to the full Senate.

The order also comes as Sen. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, is seeking a legal opinion from Attorney General Mark Brnovich on whether private companies can make vaccination proof a condition of being a patron or employees.

Dr. Cara Chrst, the state health director, said earlier this month she supports the idea of “vaccine passports’’ but does not want them to be something that people would have to show to enter certain businesses.

“It would be nice to have an electronic format of some of that,’’ the health director said. “But we’re not looking here at the department at making that a requirement.’’

Still, Christ said, this isn’t a question for her agency.

“Business owners do have the ability to implement mitigation strategies,’’ she said, ways to protect against the spread of the virus. And that is not limited to masks and social distancing.

The order comes as the latest figures from the state Department of Health Services show that just 37% of Arizonans have received one dose of the vaccine and only about 25% are fully immunized.

“While we strongly recommend all Arizonans get the COVID-19 vaccine, it痴 not mandated in our state -- and it never will be,’’ Ducey said. “Vaccination is up to each individual, not the government.’’

The scope of the governor’s order drew a sigh of relief from Garrick Taylor, spokesman for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“We appreciate that this order has been narrowly crafted and does not impose new mandates on private sector businesses broadly,’’ he said.

The new order also spells out that it does not limit the ability of individuals to access their own vaccination records as well as to have them forwarded to anyone else.


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Joe Nobody

So the Republicans scream to the high heavens when the Gov. uses his emergency powers...unless of course, they agree with his orders? Hypocrite 101


@Joe Nobody (everybody is somebody, just sayin') :)

Generalizations are simply unjustified. I am a republican and I, personally, have never screamed about anything Governor Ducey has done. Just because I may not agree with everything Governor Ducey or ANY elected official does, does not equal

hypocrisy. [rolleyes] Just like I vote according to the person, not the party...

Joe Nobody

A million years ago, I re-registered from (R) to I (NP) because I see more than one viewpoint. I'm sure you know that I was speaking of our law makers passing bills to reduce the Gov's power over masks and shutdowns.


I don’t get it? I have not wished death on anyone. I fully support everyone’s right to make their own decisions as to their potential for becoming infected through ignorance. When I support them I am accused of wishing death on the fools and when I don’t support them I am accused of interfering in their right to make their own choices. Sure wish you guys would make up your minds. The one thing we can all be assured of – everyone is going to die! It is the only absolute from the moment you’re born – everything else is optional, but you are going to die!


Lil bOb You will never "get it". The people who read your smut do.

Don't worry lil rovR the D/Socialist are working day in and day out to take care of YOU! Take a look at how well they are doing in all Democratic run city's. D/Socialist the greatest man made Disaster and proving it everyday!

The repercussions of everyone gets a trophy is starting to shine!


Can't we all just get along and respect each others views without the name calling and labeling. &#9774 Hope springs eternal...[thumbup]


JudyB - It would be nice wouldn't it?



YESSS!! [thumbup]


"Let me be succinct in pointing out that I am pleased at the numbers of Republicans who refuse to be vaccinated or even take the most basic of cautions by not wearing masks. I fully support you and hope many more join with you. Of course it’s your decision and believe me you will not be missed. Cattle ranchers call that “culling the herd.”

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one, but if I were you I wouldn't use such vile language in a post. Read it again, you certainly indicated that a "culling of the herd" was a good thing for you. As I have said before, you need to be carful with the language you use. If you don't know what it means....don't type it!!!


Some make a contribution by being present, while others contribute by leaving, I wonder BB. [huh] Deaton


More babbling from the village idiot.....


Oh, dear, it looks as if I have once again upset the intellectually challenged. That was not my intent, I was simply stating my opinion when it comes to fools who think it is all right to endanger the lives of their fellow Americans. Let me be succinct in pointing out that I am pleased at the numbers of Republicans who refuse to be vaccinated or even take the most basic of cautions by not wearing masks. I fully support you and hope many more join with you. Of course it’s your decision and believe me you will not be missed. Cattle ranchers call that “culling the herd.”


"culling the herd"? Seriously, you just typed that? Are you wishing death on the "intellectually challenged"? OK Bowers, we allow this now?



lol I can only speak for myself and I am not "upset", merely stating my opinion. I stopped getting upset by the non stop bashing of those that don't handle differing views very well a long time ago. Life is too short to get upset over such trivial things. And I do believe that everybody has a right to their views, even though I may not agree with them. Yep, everybody includes you.[beam] Enjoy the moment!


Definition of culling - the action of sending an inferior or surplus farm animal to be slaughtered.

Yes, you do mean Republicans need to be culled (killed).


I realize I have very little use for Republicans, but I have to admit to being surprised that these fools don’t want to get vaccinated – 49% of Republican men say they will not take the vaccine. Comparatively, 87 percent of Democrats in the survey said they planned on getting the COVID-19 vaccine or had already received it. AND Republicans don’t want to have a “passport” to indicate they have been vaccinated – those smart enough to do so.

I suppose we need to put a sign around these idiots necks saying, “STAY AWAY FROM ME! I AM A PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD!”

Color me VACCINATED and proud of it!


Kudos to Governor Ducey for believing that we the general public don't need more big brother with yet another mandate!

The only way that the divisiveness in this country is going to stop is with we the people. And the generalizations of a person, or group of people, because of the their political choice is very divisive. I am a Republican and have received my vaccinations, and I'm proud of both love my choices. What other people choose to do is their business, as it should be. Regarding the vaccination, even the so-called experts don't know anything for sure. As always, only time will tell if it does what it's supposed to do. Best wishes to all, no matter your choices.

Too old for this



Let Freedom Ring! I have been vaccinated, but I have friends that have not, and don't intend to, I'm ok with it. Last I heard, we still own our own bodies, unless Biden signed an EO to the taking that away. A Covid passport is ridiculous, we get a vaccine card...enough already. People are not a "health hazard", some people have had it, and have natural immunity, there are a million reasons, that people choose to, or not to have the vaccine. Biggest question is, we just don't know enough about the long term effects. Why because they choose NOT to have the vaccine are they idiots? you need to explain the the requisition for name calling. Otherwise, you just a name caller, with no facts. And the fact, BigBob, that you "have little to no use for Republicans, makes me extremely happy. I don't feel that way about Dems, just you!!!

Too old for this


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