Stagger Lee's

Plans for a larger Stagger Lee’s in Desert Hills are in the works.

Stagger Lee’s has plans to become bigger and better.

Owner Londa Halvorson said approval by the Mohave County Board of Supervisors at its Nov. 4 meeting opens the door to her ambitious development plans for the Desert Hills bar. Supervisors OK’d Halvorson’s zoning request to change the status of a vacant lot next to Stagger Lee’s from residential to commercial.

“We actually have four lots that are now zoned for commercial use, so we can move forward with our plans to build a new bar,” Halvorson said. A restaurant is also part of the plan.

“It will actually be more of a grill. The new building will be twice the size of the current one,” she said, noting that the site plan has been submitted to the county for approval.

Still, the wheels of progress can grind slowly when seeking multiple governmental approvals. Halvorson, who has owned Stagger Lee’s for three years, said she expected it may take as long as two years to open the doors to the new bar and grill. In the meantime, the existing Stagger Lee’s will remain open daily until 10 p.m.

Golf USA celebrates its 26th year

As of October, Golf USA marked its 26th business anniversary.

The retailer also houses Pamela’s Boutique and Jewelry in the 2,500 square-foot store. Owned by Loyd and Pam Rains, the shop has been continually located in the Kmart Plaza.

Pam credited the store’s longevity to a loyal customer base. Innovation also kept wind in the sails as the store weathered the recession and, most recently, the changing retail climate for brick-and-mortar stores.

“We modified our inventory over the years. When the golf business kind of fell off, the boutique apparel helped supplement the loss,” she said.

Today, golf has bounced back. She attributed that to the store’s golf club custom fitting service and a program that allows players to take clubs to the golf course for a test drive.

“I think we’re going to be here another 26 years,” Pam said.

Golf USA is at 1850 McCulloch Blvd. Call 928-453-1333 for details.

Sam’s Shooters Emporium remains on the market

Anyone with a lifelong dream of owning a gun shop and indoor shooting gallery is in luck. Sam’s Shooters Emporium is for sale to a buyer with $3,490,000 to invest.

Owner Sam Scarmardo said the sale is not entirely his idea.

“I’d probably own it forever, but my wife owns 49% of the business and she wants to sell so she can do other things and travel,” Scarmardo said.

The business has been in Havasu for 20 years. It is at 2183 N. McCulloch Blvd. in the downtown area. The solar-powered building has a 1,700 square-foot retail area; 8,100 square feet is devoted to its 13-lane indoor shooting gallery.

The property is offered through Desert Land Group. Call 928-706-5622 for details.

Submit your business news items to Pam Ashley at or call 928-453-4237, ext. 230.


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