Brian Davis

Lake Havasu City Fire Chief Brian Davis will not be leaving anytime soon.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, Davis was one of five candidates earlier this month seeking to become Battle Creek, Michigan fire chief. During the selection process, the candidates attended a public meeting and met with a seven-member panel that consisted of public safety officials, the news outlet reported.

A Battle Creek Enquirer article published Aug. 15, however, states that another candidate was offered the job. A total of 23 candidates reportedly applied for the position, which was vacated in April and has a pay range of $87,000 to $114,000, the news outlet reported.

Davis wrote in an email that, a couple weeks before his vacation to Michigan, a hiring agency he worked with in the past asked if he would be interested in applying to the Battle Creek job.

“I was going to be in town that day and had nothing scheduled, so I said sure. I get the impression that I was added as filler. I don’t really know how long that process was from start to finish, I was only talking to them for those few weeks…in fact, who did they hire?” he wrote.

He added that he is not actively job hunting.

“I get recruiting calls pretty regularly from the contacts I’ve developed over the years and my mentors were adamant that in this line of work it’s smart to stay familiar with what’s going on in the market,” he wrote. “It was a good training session and I got to visit with some people I haven’t seen in a long time….and no, there isn’t anything else on the horizon.”

Out of 36 applications, Davis was named Lake Havasu City Fire Chief in May 2016. Prior to working in Havasu, he was fire chief at the Freeport Fire and EMS Department in Freeport, Texas for six years.

Davis began his fire service career in Michigan as a volunteer firefighter in 1997. Between 2001 and 2010, he worked as a lieutenant in Muskegon, Michigan and then deputy chief in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Shirlee Palbicki, the city’s human resources manager, was not immediately available to comment regarding Davis’ current salary.


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