Casino remaining closed over holiday weekend because of pandemic

Havasu Landing Resort and Casino Hotel opened late last year with plenty of reason to celebrate. Four months later, the entertainment complex on the California side of Lake Havasu was forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will remain shuttered over Memorial Day weekend.

Havasu Landing Resort and Casino Hotel will remain closed through the Memorial Day weekend.

Chairman Charles Wood said the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe’s entertainment complex will stay shuttered for “possibly another month” due to the coronavirus pandemic, but “hopefully not that long.”

“We don’t want to open too soon,” Wood said Wednesday morning. “We’re also still trying to keep people home so they don’t bring back the virus (to the reservation).”

There have been no reported cases of the coronavirus on the reservation at Havasu Lake, California during the pandemic.

Wood said he is monitoring business reopening directions issued by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“The governor hasn’t approved casinos opening. While he technically can’t tell us when we can open, I’m listening to him,” he said.

In the meantime, the door to the reservation is figuratively closed to nonresidents. However, Wood said he’s is cracking open the gates slightly by welcoming qualified customers to the campgrounds.

“On Friday, we’re partially opening the resort to those with (occupancy) contracts,” he said. “But we’re not inviting other people to come just for the weekend.”


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It's a shame our city leaders don't have the smarts to do the same here.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] All they have is the greed... And instructions from the republican leadership to open it up to help tRUMP win...


I have to admire the leadership shown by the tribes in dealing with this pandemic. Responsible closures and mass testing to control the virus and protect their citizens.


I am sure it has nothing to do with there employees are making more staying home with the stimulus money than going back to work and so they don't want to go back. Looks good for the Dem/Soc unemployment numbers. Its not unemployment its forced stay home orders. The Dem/Soc party does not care about all the small business owners losing their lively hood. The death rate is still less than 1% and no more than other flu's. Sad part is their social experiment will fail just like all the other tries to get Trump, but at such a terrible cost for so many....


Oh yeah, just like the flu... 1,572,ooo Americans infected and 94,150 Americans dead in 3 months... Oh yes, the democrats started this virus and have all the other countries on the planet plotting against president tRUMP by driving the numbers higher! Why don't you just admit it, he has failed at handling the only crisis that he has had come his way as a president and he's incapable of being a successful leader...


Should just stay closed

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