A Lake Havasu City man accused of rape last month is seeking a reduction to his bond, or possibly release on his own recognizance. Mohave County prosecutors are challenging his request, due to the nature of the accusation as well as his prior felony convictions.

Jeremy M. Sorenson, 30, remained in custody at Mohave County Jail on $100,000 bond as of Tuesday on charges of sexual assault and second-degree burglary. Sorenson was arrested Sept. 18 after police say he entered a cabin at Crazy Horse Campground and assaulted the alleged victim as she slept. He is scheduled to appear in Mohave County Superior Court for an Oct. 19 pre-trial conference in his case.

According to Deputy Mohave County Public Defender Paul Amann, the defendant’s $100,000 bond is excessive to ensure his appearance in court. Amann filed a motion Oct. 5 to review the conditions for Sorenson’s release, and made note that Sorenson’s children and wife are Havasu residents. Although their family can afford the cost of a GPS-tracking ankle monitor if release were granted, they cannot afford the cost of Sorenson’s bond.

But according to Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jefferson Pyper, the defendant’s release from custody could pose a danger to the victim or the Havasu community. Pyper said in his challenge to Amann’s motion that the victim has already indicated she does not want Sorenson to be released. According to Pyper, Sorenson is aware of where the alleged victim lives and works, and she would fear for her safety should Sorenson be released from custody.

“The nature of the offense is extremely serious in nature,” Pyper said in his response to Amann’s motion. “Based on the defendant’s criminal history, violent offenses are not new behavior for the defendant.”

According to the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, Sorenson qualifies as a repetitive offender under Arizona statute. He has been previously convicted on multiple felony counts between 2006 and 2015, including charges of theft and assault.

Sorenson personally requested his release from custody last month in a note to Mohave Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle.

“I have a full time job in Lake Havasu City,” Sorenson wrote. “I have my wife of five years, my 3-year-old son and my 6-year-old daughter to take care of. I also have my mom, sister and uncle’s full care and support.”

The possibility of Sorenson’s release from custody could be considered by Carlisle at his pre-trial conference later this month.


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