A Lake Havasu City man was arrested after police caught him trying to break in to the snack bar at Dick Samp Park.

According to the police on May 29 at 3:24 a.m. Havasu officers were dispatched to Dick Samp Park for a report of suspicious activity. Police say when they arrived at the park they witnessed a male subject, later identified as Joseph Shilosky, hugged up against the snack bar roll up door with a flashlight. The report says that when Shilosky noticed the cops, he quickly went behind the snack bar.

Police say they approached Shilosky who told them he was just hanging but could not explain why he was in the park after hours. While one officer spoke with Shilosky the other walked around the snack bar and observed pry marks in the lock and handle on the door. The officer then searched a trash can and found a small blue crowbar, a black rechargeable flashlight, a hunting knife and a miniature baseball bat. Shilosky said the tools were his but denied that he was trying to burglarize the snack bar.

Shilosky was placed under arrest and taken to LHCPD where he was charged with attempted burglary in the third degree, possession of burglary tools and criminal damage under $1000.


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Way to go LHCPD. This idiot trying to steal from the kids on Little League.

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