A Lake Havasu City man is dead after being shot by police officers early Sunday morning.

Justin Roady, 33, was shot and killed by Havasu police officers after they responded to reports of gunshots near his home in the 3100 block of Silversmith Drive, just after midnight. The officers who responded to the call were Brian Jacobs, Jason Johnston and Lorne Jackson.

Dispatchers also got a call that said Roady had crashed his car into his garage, surprising the babysitter who watched his children. Roady entered his residence, according to a police report, then grabbed a gun, went back outside and started shooting. As officers set up a perimeter to block off the street, Roady was seen several times firing the gun outside his house, then returning inside.

The Havasu Police Department said Roady stepped out of his residence a final time, and raised a handgun in the direction of the responding officers. The officers shot Roady, who was taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center, where he died.

No officers or witnesses were injured, and Officers Jacobs, Johnston and Jackson have been placed on routine administrative leave pending an independent investigation by the Kingman Police Department.

According to Havasu Police Sgt. Tom Gray, it may be several weeks for all relevant information to be gathered in the case, and for an official report to be filed by Kingman Police detectives. In an unrelated case, the Havasu police department is also investigating a police shooting from last week involving the Kingman department.

Roady, originally from Worland, Wyoming, had no criminal record in Havasu prior to Sunday morning.

Roady’s father, Bill V. Roady, 67, declined to comment.


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see you

Mikey, no one thinks this is fun, do you? What documented proof do you have that EFFORTS to use non lethal force are completely rejected?

Amen & so be it? You are the end all? Waiting for your continued proselytism...


Mr Guy: We can avoid condolence calls altogether with non lethal means of policing.
This topic is much too serious!
To have 'fun' incorporated is objectionably insensitive to the Roadys & all those nation wide killed by 'authorities' paid by taxpayers to 'protect & serve'.
May the whisper of the Father be the one that wakes us.
May the open hand of the Son be the one that raises us.
May the prompting of the Spirit be the one that sends us.
This day & all days & leads us safely home.
In Christ Jesus name we pray. Amen & So Be It


MikeWon: I want you to make the condolence call to the officer's family or the innocent civilian's family when they are killed by a madman and tell them, "Well, we tried bean bag rounds and rubber bullets, but they just seemed to annoy him. That is when he fired his weapon and killed your husband." Have fun with that.


We thank God for Christmas & hence, NEVER tremble in fear!

see you

So glad none of the bullets from the alleged suspect hurt anyone near by. A policemans job is to save the most lives. This guy was shooting a gun off. Oh wait let me hit him with a bean bag! When you are trembling in fear at the hand of someone like this you will thank God for the police.


Using rubber bullets/bean bags, OC spray MAY not have stopped the offender but EFFORTS to use non lethal force are completely rejected. This blatant rejection continues to fuel righteous indignation & the image of police as thugs with badges & guns.


I fail to see what a person's social status or his reported income from his last tax return has to do with the level of response officers show with in cases of violence or when the possibility of injury or death is eminent. They don't run the guys financials on the way to the scene. They DO run his criminal history and see if he has a history of mental illness and check for a propensity to use violence or deadly weapons. They don't care how rich he is!
The use of "less than lethal force" has been mentioned in all media outlets since this and other incidents have occurred. The undisputed fact is this: if an armed suspect raises his weapon to fire, NOTHING short of deadly force will prevent him from pulling that trigger at least once, possibly several times. And while some of you argue "That's the job the cops signed up for: to get shot at." That may be true, But they also signed up to protect YOU and the general public. Using rubber bullets/bean bags, OC spray would not have stopped the bad guy from pulling that trigger, possibly killing you, your neighbors daughter or an old man 3 blocks away with a "lucky shot".

Vicky Norman

Someday someone with money who's opinion is heard will be the victim only then will anything ever change.


We get it, Mr Guy! Every day! All the time! [At least since 1950!] Death & destruction are primary factors in our daily bread. State sanctioned murder is nothing new! Non lethal response to a billion dollars is less economically feasible to the mass media & the industries promoting weapons, soldiers, lawyers & the growth of political incarcerations. We get it! We know why there are Cowboys & Indians as well as cops & robbers! We ought to embrace our resources of intellect & righteousness to prevent continuous grief!


Mike: He was the one that brought the lethal force into the situation. I will bet you a million dollars that if he came out throwing Nerf Balls or bean bags, he would still be alive today. You don't fire a Taser or use OCS on a guy that raises a weapon towards you, especially if he has already shot up the neighborhood. He didn't give them the chance to call in a psychologist. As much as you would like to believe otherwise, LEO's don't wake up in the morning hell bent on killing somebody that day. They just want to go home alive. Stop watching Hollywood movies and do a ride along. Do a shoot/don't shoot sim. Or, God forbid, get shot at with real bullets. Then you will get it.

City power player

My family is thankful the responding Deputy Sheriff's were not injured. Our prayers are with the family of the decedent suspect, and like everyone on the outside were left to wonder the history, and what led to drive by all reports, a loving father and husband to demonstrate such dangerous and illogical actions. To this topic, we are aware of the recent shooting incidents in Kingman, and the countless other Police involved shootings around the tri-state area. On this same morning, a California Police K9 was shot by an armed suspect near Covina. Weapons and violence are never a solution to life problems. It seems society needs a reminder for the value of human life! There was a comment here wondering why there aren't non-lethal methods for the Police to use in response to issues such as this. I think common sense allows us to comprehend a logical person wouldn't show up to a gun fight with a stick, and we know for sure the Police won't either. There are many methods of non-lethal action when circumstances allow for such. According to last nights fox program, Cops;- Officers are trained to respond with: Baton, Mace, defensive tactics / martial arts, stun-gun / Taser, bean-bag rounds, K9 response, and verbal commands. When these are exhausted, or when a firearm is used, Police must respond with equal, or greater than use of force in not only their protection, but the protection of others, such as children, neighbors, and unsuspecting passerbyes.


No Mr. Floyd! We are supposed to incorporate non lethal weapons to engage with the deranged insanity!

mike floyd

aren't we supposed to march in protest and loot downtown?

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