A Lake Havasu City man made a court appearance last week, as he awaits trial on charges related to multiple attacks with a bladed weapon.

John N. Kroll, 33, appeared Dec. 29 before Mohave Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen for a settlement conference in the case. At the hearing, Jantzen reviewed the charges against Kroll, including two counts of aggravated assault, and described the range of sentencing - a maximum of 15 years, under Arizona statute - should Kroll be found guilty by a jury of his peers.

According to court documents, Mohave County prosecutors have offered a plea agreement in the case. The terms of that agreement, or what possible sentence Kroll may receive, were not available to the public as of Wednesday morning.

Kroll was arrested for the offense on Aug. 29, after he reportedly slashed two victims in the 3600 block of Clearwater Drive with a boxcutter. According to police, Kroll fled the area prior to officers’ arrival, but was soon found by responding officers. Police pursued Kroll, the report said, until the Kroll’s vehicle left the roadway, rolled, and came to a stop. Police said that Kroll exited his vehicle after the accident and attempted to flee, but was apprehended after a brief chase by officers.

Last week’s hearing took place seven years, to the month, after Kroll pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter in the alleged 2013 murder of Havasu resident Brandon Bonnett. In that case, police said Kroll and Bonnett engaged in an argument that escalated until Kroll fatally stabbed the victim. Kroll allegedly fled the scene of the stabbing prior to responding officers’ arrival, but later surrendered himself into custody after police began a citywide search for the suspect.

Kroll was sentenced to eight years in prison after his conviction on charges of manslaughter, but was released on parole in 2020, according to Arizona corrections records. If not for Kroll’s arrest in August, the parole for his 2014 manslaughter conviction would have ended on Oct. 16.


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