Gary E. Pappilli

Gary E. Pappilli

A man accused of attempted murder pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of aggravated assault and one count of attempted arson in an alleged stabbing incident that took place last year.

Gary E. Pappilli, 63, would serve 10.5 years in prison under the plea agreement, according to Deputy Mohave County Attorney Rod Albright – or 3.5 years per felony count to which he has pleaded guilty.

The case began in early September, when police say Pappilli stabbed a 77-year old victim at a residence in the 2000 block of Quartzsite Place. The victim allegedly suffered life-threatening injuries in the attack, and Pappilli was able to evade law enforcement for one day before Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies found him on Sept. 4, at a mobile home in Desert Hills.

According to court records, SWAT officers surrounded the mobile home, and commanded Pappilli to exit the structure. Prosecutors say Pappilli threatened to detonate explosives within the residence, prompting a standoff with law enforcement officials.

The standoff allegedly ended when Pappilli set fire to the structure, and emerged from the home with a large wooden stick. According to court records, Pappilli attempted to charge at SWAT officers with the makeshift weapon, and deputies used electronic stun devices to subdue Pappilli at the scene.

According to statements last year by Albright, Pappilli is a repetitive offender under Arizona statute, with six felony convictions spanning more than 30 years, as well as 12 misdemeanor convictions in three states. He was most recently released from the Arizona Department of Corrections in July 2017.

His prior convictions include counts of robbery, kidnapping, burglary, aggravated assault and possession of dangerous drugs, which allegedly occurred in multiple incidents from 1986 to 2012.

Until this week, Pappilli remained in custody at Mohave County Jail on $500,000 bond.

He is scheduled to appear June 1 in Mohave Superior Court for a judgment and sentencing hearing.


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