A Lake Havasu City man was arrested Nov. 23 after police say he threatened to shoot a dog and its owner.

According to police, the victim was walking his dog, accompanied by his granddaughter, when the animal stopped by a mailbox belonging to 62-year-old Stephen J. Magill. The dog behaved as though it were going to urinate on the mailbox, but did not, according to the police report.

According to police, Magill emerged from his home and told the owner not to let his dog urinate on his mailbox. The owner left the area with his dog and granddaughter, and avoided Magill’s mailbox on their return trip. According to the police report, however, Magill approached them in an aggressive manner. Magill allegedly said he would “put a 45” in the owner and his dog if they returned to the area.

The victim contacted police, and officers responded to Magill’s home on Paso Drive. Magill allegedly admitted to threatening the victim and his dog when questioned by officers, the report said, but indicated that it had been an empty threat that he would not have carried out. According to the report, Magill told officers that when he said he’d “put a 45” in the victim, he meant a vinyl record.

Magill was arrested on charges of making threats and disorderly conduct, and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail without incident.


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I hope it has the center disc in it or he won’t be able to play it! [beam]

bob b

Such senseless violence like this needs to be prevented. I hope that some Left wing politician will take up the fight to ban vinyl records!




Exactly! We all know how dangerous those little discs are.

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