Two Lake Havasu City men allegedly picked the wrong fight earlier this month, when police say they accosted multiple undercover police detectives at a local business.

According to the police report, multiple undercover detectives were at a McCulloch Boulevard store when Joshua R. Calloway and Joseph A. Castillo, both 27, entered on July 20. Witnesses say the two men were regulars at the store, and were always loud while they were at the location.

The detectives allegedly entered the store while Calloway and Castillo were at the scene, and were laughing during an unrelated discussion. According to alleged witness statements, Castillo took objection to the detectives’ laughter, believing it to be at Calloway’s expense.

According to the police report, Castillo became confrontational with one detective, while unaware of the detective’s identity. Castillo attempted to provoke a fight with the detective when others at the scene asked Castillo to calm down.

Police say Calloway purchased a beer at the location and walked outside, telling the detectives that he and Calloway would be waiting for them in the parking lot.

As the detectives exited the store and began to walk toward their vehicle, Calloway allegedly began to shout at them. The detectives identified themselves as undercover officers at that time, the report said, at which point Castillo approached them and shouted profanities.

According to the report, it was at that time that the detectives placed Calloway and Castillo under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct. The report says Calloway surrendered himself into custody, while Castillo appeared to struggle as the detectives restrained him. Additional officers responded to the scene.

Castillo allegedly said he did not believe the detectives to be police officials, due to the lack of badges visible on their clothing.

Castillo has been charged with misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Calloway has been charged with disorderly conduct.


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Havasu police good job.

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