Returning to shore

Boaters return to shore Monday at Site Six, which has become a popular venue among holiday travelers.

The Site Six launch ramp is a popular venue for holiday boaters. But according to the Lake Havasu City Police Department, the ramp has also become a gathering spot in recent years for hecklers and distractive behavior as boaters return their watercraft to shore.

According to police, past crowds have hurled insults – and empty cans of alcohol – at boaters as they arrived at the launch ramp. On July 4, officers maintained a presence at Site Six to control the inevitable crowd.

At about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, a crowd of more than 100 people began to gather at the location, many of whom had open containers of alcohol.

Police informed the crowd that disruptive behavior, and attempts to distract arriving boaters, would not be tolerated. The group was also told that any open containers of alcohol would need to be discarded. The officers’ statements were met with “boos” from the crowd, according to the report, and several people in the crowd told officers that they were “ruining the fun” of the launch ramp.

Officers spoke with several members of the crowd individually, and told them to empty their open containers of alcohol. One member of the crowd allegedly refused to comply.

According to police, California resident Curtis A. Hoebel, 58, was told to dump out his can of beer. Instead of complying, police say Hoebel asked why he should empty his beverage, sipping from it throughout their conversation. Hoebel was warned that he would be arrested on charges of consuming alcohol in public if he did not comply. According to police, Hoebel replied, “OK, take me to jail.”

Police were in the process of placing Hoebel in handcuffs when Hoebel allegedly took another sip from his can of beer. According to the report, an officer knocked Hoebel’s can out of his hand, which landed on the ground nearby.

At that time, another man at the scene became upset, allegedly believing that officers had thrown Hoebel’s beer can at him. California resident Loren J. Borski, 43, allegedly approached officers in an aggressive manner as he shouted at one officer. Additional officers arrived at the scene, and Borski was also taken into custody.

Hoebel was arrested on charges of consuming liquor in public. Borski was charged with disorderly conduct. Both men were transported to Lake Havasu City Jail without further incident.


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More State Park Lakes, and Federal lakes are banning alcohol completely due to the number of boating accidents and deaths. Might be something San Bernardino county, and Lake Havasu should look at. The last 12 months at LH have been rough, and law enforcement, whatever department it is, has to look into the faces of those that perish, and then have to notify family members. Take a turn at that, and you'll be looking for a solution to the problems we have. Lastly, wear a life jacket at all times...

Djanga Unchained

This is the direct result of darwinism. The Colorado River is a Federal Waterway, not state or city owned. That's why you can have one foot in the water and drink a beer without being cited. People die everyday, even though folks know the consequences of their actions - they push the limits anyway. Our first responders do a wonderful job in our city, and are trained to deal in tragedy. That's what makes them special - keeping a cool head in an otherwise tragic situation should be commended. We don't need more laws, we need more common sense. But hey! You can't fix stupid.


How about just making site 6 a paying launch ramp. That would solve 3/4 of the problem. I dunno .. just seems logical.


Simple solution. Put up chain link fence at each end of narrow platform everyone stands on.

only in havasu

The site 6 madness has gone on for years. I’ve personally seen some pretty intense fights break out. Essentially, you have dozens of people standing along sideline watching every boater try to trailer their boat and leave. Naturally, not every boater is experienced. Sometimes it gets pretty crazy, and the hecklers bring loud music, and many are drinking. There’s only one problem. People are essentially playing Russian roulette. Think about it. They have no idea who these people are. They could be screaming and laughing at everyone from the average family man, to some convicted felon with warrants and anger issues with a gun under the seat, to a professional fighter / martial artist. It really is fueling the fire type behavior. It’s asking for trouble, disrespectful, and mostly inappropriate. People have been hurt in years past, and one of these days that crowd will inevitably pour gasoline on the wrong fire and something really bad is going to happen. It’s only a matter of time before that crowd laughs at the wrong Psycho and all hell’s going to break loose!


I agree, only in havasu. Glad that the PD is taking care of this volatile situation...


I think this a sad situation. I don't understand what has happened to people to be so not nice anymore. Takes the fun out of everything. Noone wants to be subjected to ignorance!


Check 8 July “Orchids and Onions” comments to see just what kind of sick individual trolls these pages. Do not report abuse; let everyone see just how low our once outstanding newspaper has fallen.

Djanga Unchained

Yeah! Check it out!!! 😆😆😆


We have a very outstanding news paper here that knows the freedom of the press and how to at times write very true stories. Thank you


Hwy doesn't think so.


Why do you post such trash? I have stated many, many times that we have an outstanding newspaper that disappoints on occasion.


Many of these boaters have been drinking and from out of the area. They have heard the Havasu PD is under-manned and they can get away with anything...…..Surprise, we have one of the best departments in the southwest and don't tolerate this type unruly behavior. Screw up here you go to's the judges who cut these clowns loose with a slap on the wrist.....time to increase the fines and confiscate some of their personal property let the word get out to the inside the rules or go to jail!




Couldn't agree more! Lake Havasu City is a beautiful city and our police department does a fantastic job of keeping it that way. Keep up the good work and Thank You!

Djanga Unchained

The "Judges" follow state guidelines on sentencing. Arizona has some of the most toughest laws against DUI's. OUI's are treated differently yes - but if it's not to your liking, write your represensatives to push legislation on the matter.


Thanks to the LHCPD for addressing this abusive environment at the public launch ramp. The people that show up out there to jeer boaters, who only want to trailer their boats after a fun day on the lake, have become very disruptive. Keep up the good work.


A few years back it was good natured fun to watch people trying to get boats loaded at Site Six, now it has turned into a drunken redneck hate-fest. Sad.

Djanga Unchained

I was out there this weekend with a sign that read "STFU HWYROVER" 😂😂😂


No, you were not. Why post such trash?

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