Gym Equipment

The city plans to update its fitness equipment at police and fire stations as part of its recent purchase of Havasu Fitness.

Lake Havasu City’s police, firefighters and other city employees may soon find it easier to tone up.

Havasu finds itself with a bunch of quality exercise equipment as a secondary consequence of the City Council’s decision to purchase the former Havasu Fitness property for $3 million last month. The purchase of the property on 92 Acoma Boulevard was made with the plan to convert the existing gym into a municipal courthouse for the city but the sale also included most of the businesses assets as well.

Although it wasn’t a primary consideration in purchasing the property, the city plans to put those assets to good use.

“We have six fire stations, a police station, and a public maintenance yard that all have fitness equipment that is utilized by our public safety professionals as well as other city employees,” said City Manager Jess Knudson. “The existing equipment that the city has is old, and in many cases it’s obsolete.”

Knudson said the plan is to distribute the recently acquired equipment throughout the city’s facilities to replace those older machines. Any remaining assets not utilized by the city, as well as all of the city’s current workout equipment that gets replaced, will then be sold online in accordance with state statute.

“The first step in all of this is to do an inventory of the contents so we know what is in the building, we can track it and be responsible for each piece of equipment and other assets within the property,” Knudson said. “Once that inventory is conducted we will be looking at the equipment needs for the city facilities.”

Knudson said there is currently no set timeline for distributing the equipment, or selling it online.

The city utilizes and to auction off any property it no longer has a use for.


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Perhaps the City could think about donating a few pieces of equipment to New Horizons! I'm sure everyone there would benefit from having some exercise equipment! Yes?


It is so good to see that the City Council's "job development plan" for the City Manager is being put to good use and I now feel overwhelmed with the knowledge imparted regarding the gym equipment which shall be put to good use or auctioned to recoup some of that 3 mil we spent on the nebbish that shall house our future halls of justice! I guess this part of the "on the job training" is relative to communication with the media and residents of the city, classified as the PIO, Public Information Officer!

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