Boats line the shores

Boats line the shores of Bridgewater Channel during last year’s Memorial Day weekend.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department issued a statement Thursday in warning the public against overnight mooring on the Bridgewater Channel.

The summer boating season brought waves of boaters from California, Nevada and elsewhere in the southwest to Lake Havasu. Although more visitors could often be thought of as a good thing for Havasu’s tourism industry, the increase in boaters led to crowded beaches – and in some instances last year, visitors who openly flouted posted signage against mooring in restricted areas, as well as overnight mooring. Now, the Lake Havasu City Police Department has announced that any vessels moored overnight will be towed if they are found on the channel’s shoreline.

According to Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Frank Hayden, it’s not uncommon for violators of the city’s “no mooring” ordinance to ignore fines, and continue to violate the city’s ordinance.

“To combat this, we will start treating ‘no mooring’ violations in a way that is more consistent with how vehicles on the road are treated for similar violations,” Hayden said.

And in a similar fashion to drivers who park in “no parking” zones, a greater number of boats could be towed and impounded if found to be unlawfully moored in the channel. But a simple warning may also apply to violators of the ordinance.

“The police department seeks to educate boaters about the laws and ordinances in effect,” said Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Frank Hayden this week. “But this is an ordinance that has been in effect for a very long time.”

According to Hayden, 77 boaters were cited last year on charges related to the city’s “no mooring” ordinances.

Overnight watercraft mooring in Lake Havasu City remains available at venues such as the Lake Havasu Marina and the London Bridge Resort.

For a list of locations where overnight mooring is permitted, visit


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Why not charge for overnight parking instead? Income from city facilities should be actively investigated to help keep our taxes low.


That is too easy to understand, the city council will need to pay for a consultant for a study with options before taking any action which is typical for that group!


People know the law. The parking ticket is cheaper than a DUI.


Very true. They also know it's cheap VIP parking for thier late wake-up call. Maybe nugsmashers can start producing prop boots instead of resources towing and storing them. And the ones without motors, any drug-free person knows not to moor anywhere near them.


Maybe BigB should apply for the night patrol seeing he's up all night anyway. At least he would be doing something useful.

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