Edit: An earlier version of this story named Lake Havasu City Police Officer Mitchell Kloewer as a supporting officer in the April 18 arrest California resident Mark R. Copland. Kloewer was not at involved in that arrest, but Lake Havasu City Police Officer Savannah Kloewer was among the supporting officers in the incident.

The Lake Havasu City Police Department will not pursue felony charges against a California man who was hospitalized and accused last month of assaulting an officer. The accusation was made due to a hand injury that officer suffered while striking the suspect’s face multiple times during his arrest.

Mason M. Klasna, 22, of San Clemente, was charged with the felony count of aggravated assault against a police officer on March 30. During the incident, Klasna allegedly struggled and attempted to resist arrest by Lake Havasu City Police Officer Mitchell Kloewer. According to the police report, Klasna made no deliberate effort to harm the arresting officer. He was charged with the offense due to a hand injury Kloewer suffered – while striking Klasna’s face multiple times before taking him into custody.

According to Lake Havasu City Police Sgt. Frank Hayden, of the department’s professional standards unit, the incident is now under investigation.

“The charge of aggravated assault on an officer was a decision that the officer made on his own that night,” Hayden said. “That charge is not going to be pursued. However, this is a case with a lot of different factors, including criminal damage and assault accusations.”

Prior to his arrest, Klasna was the subject of a reported fistfight near the intersection of Smoketree and Swanson Avenues. Police say Klasna and several friends left a McCulloch Boulevard bar at about 11 p.m., and traveled through the area of downtown Havasu until Klasna allegedly got out of the vehicle.

According to the police report, Klasna began to cause a disruption at the location, picking up several trash cans and throwing them into the street.

Klasna’s destructive behavior continued, the report said, and witnesses allegedly told police that Klasna threw at least one rock through the window of a McCulloch Boulevard business. According to Hayden, Klasna threw a rock at a moving vehicle before one of his companions confronted him.

According to police, Klasna’s companion allegedly told him to stop, at which point Klasna instigated the fight. Klasna struck the victim, before kicking the victim in the face several times before running east on McCulloch Boulevard, according to police. The victim followed Klasna while contacting law enforcement.

According to Hayden, the victim was later also transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Officer Kloewer soon located Klasna, the report said, and attempted to detain him. Klasna allegedly struggled with Kloewer, and both men fell to the ground. According to the report, Klasna’s hand remained tucked beneath his body.

Kloewer allegedly ordered Klasna to show his hands during the struggle. When Klasna did not, Kloewer struck the suspect several times in his face.

Officers took Klasna into custody after his arrest, and Klasna was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center for his injuries.

According to the police report, Klasna’s injuries included bruises and swelling to his face, road rash on his right elbow, a bloody lip and blood around his left eye.

Officer Kloewer’s injuries included a swollen right hand, with bruises and abrasions to his fingers.

Klasna has been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.

On Sunday, a Lake Havasu CIty Police officer was again reportedly assaulted by a suspect, according to police records.

According to the police report, California resident Mark R. Copland, 40, of Novato, was pulled over when he was found by officers to be driving with expired vehicle registration. Police say Copland appeared to be intoxicated during the traffic stop, and presented officers with an allegedly stolen driver’s license.

Copland was asked to exit his vehicle, the report said. When he was told that he was under arrest, Copland allegedly attempted to sprint away from officers. Lake Havasu City Police Officer Brian Ramirez chased Copland, the report said, and tackled him to the ground.

While tackling Copland, Ramirez allegedly suffered abrasions and bruising to his knee. Ramirez’ uniform pants were also ruined while tackling Copland, the report said. Due to Ramirez’ injuries, Copland was also charged with one felony count of aggravated assault against an officer.


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Doesn't anyone see the twisted logic in this article? Suspect injures officer's hand by pounding it with his face! Like 1984 or Alice in Wonderland ... Red is gray and yellow white, but you decide which is right. Pray for this country.


i see your liberal logic.. just like those from California. how about just follow the police officers direction and you wont get injured., Like all those black people who get shot by police.. they resist arrest , flee, and do not follow direction or obey the law. Don't resist arrest . I pray for this country as well.. that stupid people obey the law and then wont get shot or get a beating .. you must be one of those defund the police people from CA

Too old for this

Keep up the good work, officers! We don't need CA trash coming here.


Yes sir, we already have enough trash of our own!

Too old for this

Transplants, I am guessing.


democrats i am guessing


yes we don't and we certainly do not need liberals like Lauren ruining our community with their california ideas..

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