Lake Havasu City schools aren’t using controversial curriculum dealing with race -- and board member Nichole Cohen wants to keep it that way.

Cohen asked her fellow board members on Tuesday to consider banning the use of the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project as well as “any Black Lives Matter or anti-racism curriculum” in Havasu classrooms.

School officials say the curriculum is not being used by Havasu teachers and isn’t being considered for future use.

Still, Cohen had support from many in the audience, which included State Sen. Sonny Borrelli, who warned that the “BLM narrative” is being pushed at the state level.

“Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that has one purpose and one purpose only, and that’s to overthrow the government,” Borrelli said. “They want to replace you parents through the education system, through indoctrination… This is coming.”

The 1619 Project is an initiative from The New York Times Magazine that launched in August 2019, the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery, according to the publication. The stated goal of the project is to “reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.”

Cohen said she believes the publication would present students with an inaccurate version of American history.

“It’s not a good thing to teach students, as The 1619 Project does, that we were founded not as a democracy but as a slavocracy,” she said.

The board didn’t take any action on Cohen’s suggestion, instead voting 3-1, with Cohen dissenting, to end the discussion because no curriculum is being considered by the district for use in classrooms, according to Director of Educational Services Brad Gardner.

Gardner explained that standards are adopted and discussed at the state level, and curriculum used to ensure those standards are met is decided on and controlled at the local level. Gardner oversees the district’s curriculum, as well as the adoption process of new additions suggested by a committee, which includes educators.

“Our role is to teach students to think critically about history, about what’s happening in their world,” Superintendent Rebecca Stone said. “We do teach them how to think, but not what to think, and I think that’s the concern.”

Cohen said her request was a response to a letter sent to the board by a former student, identified as Kambrea Soltero, a graduate of Lake Havasu High’s Class of 2012. In the letter, Soltero said she believed Havasu schools had “fallen short” in teaching students about racial injustice and violence.

The letter was circulated online and signed by “LHUSD alumni, current students, current and former educators, parents and community members of Lake Havasu City.”

A petition was also attached to the letter, which Board President Lisa Roman signed.

“To me, I viewed it and still viewed it as, more or less, customer feedback,” Roman explained. “If someone came back and said, ‘I recognized and identified these deficits in my education, and I ask you to consider filling in those gaps,’ I would at least want to listen and look at what that person had to say. It doesn’t mean I would agree with everything… But to me, a letter like this merits at least a look and a listen.”


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Do yourself a favor. Go to the official BLM website, then make your decision.


We have the playbook. The clock is counting down for Norm Eisen


Would that be the "Russian Operatives Election Destruction" playbook?


"Russian Operatives Election Destruction" playbook? Does this actually exist or are you listing something that is not to be found. You are doing what you complain that other ones do. Hypocrite!!!


Hi, fan! Did I hurt your widdle feelings? I am so sorry. But I am confident such a volume actually exists. but not being an idiotic trump supporter and being a lover of our nation I am not privy to it. Ask some of your loser buddies, I'm sure they can provide you with a copy. You might check with the fool who thinks a dozen crappy Chinese flags flown by morons is indicative of "big" support for the fool. Actually, considering there are thousand of homes not flying such trash it would appear obvious very few people support the liar-in-chief.


Some more babble from the Big Bozo. Seems like that's all you do these days.

Joe Nobody


Some parents teach their children racism; Some parents teach their children ABOUT racism; Some parents don't teach their children one way, or another / at all. Can anyone deny that?


Borrelli appears to have lost it! BLM a Marxist organization??? LOL! Bravo to the School Board! This education is much needed!

Objective Dialectic

Resist [thumbup]

Mr Lemons


“We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” Patrice Cullors (co-founder of BLM) added in the interview with Jared Ball of The Real News Network.

Objective Dialectic

I told all of you kooks on here when the first article came out that you were jumping to conclusions. Monicaphill, 23merkaba, rdubya, and Mr. Lemons, maybe next time, you should wait for the whole story to come out...[whistling]

Mr Lemons

I wasn't jumping to conclusions. I was voicing my opinion. Do you have an opinion, or do you just snipe at those that do?


I agree with you. I feel it is important to stop this kind of indoctrination before it can take hold. Voicing my opinion through my 1st Amendment rights is the best way to start.




Now you are claiming the government is trying to keep you from voicing your opinion - as misguided as it is?


By counter indoctrination? Ideas so bad they are verboten is as faulty as ideas so good they are mandatory.


Oh, my! Now that was funny considering 90% of what you post is conclusion jumping - opinion or not


How very objective of you...

Objective Dialectic

Yes, part of being objective is not jumping to conclusions before all of the evidence is presented. All of you jumped to conclusions that the previous article stating "anti-racism curriculum set for discussion at the school board.." was some sort of attempt for the schools to support the BLM and support the 1619 Project, when in fact, it was the opposite, and they were trying to prevent those topics from pervading the curriculum. Your 'opinions' were that the school was trying to 'indoctrinate' our school children with the 1619 Project , "anti-white," and 'socialist' views without having any proof that this was the case. Simply pointing out that when I told you all that you were jumping to conclusions, you just responded again with statements like "well I simply reject the marxist BLM infiltration blah blah blah..." Just saying, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon.


And I guess the term "kooks" is part of your dialectic training?

Objective Dialectic

Rdubya, being dialectic simply means you can view issues from multiple perspectives. I tend to respect people on this forum, but there are some on here whom I have lost respect for because they never showed any respect to me (or anyone else who happens to disagree with them). Maybe "kooks" was not the right word, and I apologize for my use of the word to describe all of you; my intention is not to be mean. However, certain comments on the previous article, such as 23merkaba's comment stating "the title is misleading, Anti-White 101 , would be more accurate, " I happen to find INCREDIBLY insulting and kooky. I also think that when I originally stated that you all were jumping to conclusions, and that you all simply responded, again, with the same comments of "Marxist BLM Project 1619 doesn't belong in our schools," it's as if none of you cared even if you were jumping to conclusions; you all simply wanted to keep stomping your feet saying the same thing over and over again, and that, to me, is not only kooky, but is a huge problem with today's society.

Objective Dialectic

Mr. Lemons, I simply stated that I believed whatever curriculum she was bringing forth was going to be unbiased (and therefore, not in support of the 1619 Project or anything else controversial).


Now what you blathering about?

Mr Lemons

OD - This is what you wrote: "I have faith that this individual, Nicole Cohen, is bringing the curriculum to the board for approval because she is wanting an unbiased curriculum that simply seeks to bring the topic of racism to the forefront of historical education for our children considering it is such a big topic in American politics right now."

You were "jumping to conclusions" that Ms. Cohen was seeking approval when in fact she wanted it banned.

If anyone wants to look into what "Objective Dialectic" means they can find it on the website.,their%20final%20passage%20into%20one

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