During a special meeting Tuesday night, the Lake Havasu School Governing Board approved spending up to $726,000 in capital funds to purchase Core Knowledge materials for the district’s five elementary schools.

That breaks down to about $145,000 per elementary school, according to information provided by the school district. It will cost about $35 to $40 per student for their learning materials, with the remaining money going to teacher materials and training, Lake Havasu Unified School District Superintendent Rebecca Stone told board members.

Teacher training is scheduled to happen in person sometime around summer, Stone said.

The new curriculum plan covers English and Language Arts, history and science subjects.

School board member Eric Aurand said the Core Knowledge curriculum will give elementary schools a solid learning base and the District will have more flexibility in the future to implement specialized programs like Classical learning or Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math-focused programs across certain schools.

“A lot of the teachers I talked to here in town before I ran (for school board) - one of the things they were concerned about was that there was a consistent curriculum, this does check that box,” Aurand said during the meeting.

School board member Lisa Roman said the workbooks included along with the new curriculum will make it easier for parents to help their kids with homework.

“A lot of parents can help their kids with math homework if they can refer to examples and see (it),” Roman said. “If you are an adult and you learned this math when you were a kid, a lot of it will come back to you, even if you’re a little rusty. Workbooks really have facilitated some of that help, and so I heard a lot fo positive feedback from teachers that just having a workbook changed what they were able to do with their students.”

She continued, “It’s still a chunk of change, but this is something that we should be spending our capital (dollars) on.”

The new curriculum is intended to give schools a “singularized focus” School Board President John Masden said. He previously told Today’s News-Herald that the curriculum includes lessons that will be useful for students later in life, such as civics issues and information about national holidays.

“This should be how we focus our district, and this should be how we treat our children because when the children come into a school, or into the district, they become district kids as well as home kids,” Masden said before calling for the board’s vote. The spending plan was passed unanimously.

The next scheduled Governing Board meeting is 6 p.m. Jan. 19 at Lake Havasu High School.


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