A Lake Havasu City woman was cited for criminal damage after police said she broke a sink while attempting to urinate in it.

Erika Nicole Witten, 18, is accused of the offense that occurred at about 7:51 p.m. Monday at a local fast food restaurant.

According to City Police, Witten allegedly sat on the sink inside the female restroom in an attempt to urinate in it and it collapsed from the wall. Water pipes broke and flooded the immediate area.

A store manager called police and reported seeing two young girls run out of the restroom. When the manager went into the bathroom, the pipes were spraying water. The manager then went outside and saw the girls in a car with two other men and another woman.

She told the girls to come with her to “handle” the matter. Police said both girls told the manager they were sorry and were going to leave because they were scared.

According to the report, Witten told police her friend sat on a toilet, but because she had to “go pee really bad” she decided to do it in the sink, which she had done before. Witten said she didn’t mean to break the sink.

Witten allegedly told police that she is “sorry and thinks now that a normal person would not use a sink to go to the bathroom.”

The officer spoke to her friend and he said she confirmed Witten’s story. Both girls offered to help clean up the mess while police were on the scene.


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