Lake Havasu Little League has already begun its spring season, ahead of Gov. Ducey's announcement that youth sports could return.

Youth sports appear to be on track to return this fall after Gov. Ducey’s announcement on Thursday.

Of course, Lake Havasu Little League took initiative and resumed play for its spring season earlier this week, but did so with a number of precautions to ensure the safety of its players, coaches and fans.

The league has outlawed sunflower seeds and spitting, while also restricting access to the dugout from parents. Teams must place their equipment outside their dugouts and instead of handshakes after the game, players simply tip their caps to one another.

“With the kids being out of school and with not a lot going on, we decided to give the kids an outlet,” said league president Martin Ibarra earlier this month. “Safety is a top priority for us.”

The league plans on wrapping up its abbreviated season by the end of June.

For Lake Havasu Soccer League, there is ample optimism their season will be able to start on time, according to league president Chris Daigle.

The Arizona Soccer Association, which governs the league, has laid out a four-step plan to return to play. Lake Havasu Soccer League will enter phase two of that plan today.

“Our goal is to work through this until there are no restrictions,” said Daigle. “We know it is a fluid situation, but we’re hopeful to get the ball rolling.”

The Havasu Lions FC, the league’s club team, has been going through its tryouts while still in phase one of the ASA’s plan. Daigle says passing and even the sharing of soccer balls between the players has been restricted but that will change once phase two begins.

“Next week, we’ll start some passing and 4 vs. 4 drills,” he said. “It’s been tough with no contact, but we’re just hoping to stay on course as tryouts continue.”

The Lions’ season begins in August, while the Rec League is scheduled to start in late September.

Today’s News-Herald was not able to reach anyone with Desert Valley Youth Football and Cheer, the league which houses the Lake Havasu Chiefs. However, in April the league posted on its Facebook page that it had not changed its timeline for its upcoming season.


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