Main Street

Electronic signs on McCulloch Boulevard near Smoketree (pictured) and Acoma advise that Main Street will be closed overnight – from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. – starting today through Jan. 18.

Starting today, Main Street will be getting brand new asphalt for the first time since 1997.

Road work is expected to begin on the McCulloch Boulevard Pavement Rehab project in Lake Havasu City’s Capital Improvement Plan, which will remove the top layer of existing pavement on McCulloch Boulevard between Smoketree and Acoma, and replace it with new asphalt.

Construction is expected to be completed within two weeks. A press release from the city last week says construction will start today and run through Jan. 21.

Businesses will remain accessible throughout the scheduled road work.

“We are doing our best to accommodate the day traffic, so they will try to do most of the work at night,” said City Manager Jess Knudson.

Electronic signs at each end of Main Street on Wednesday said McCulloch Boulevard will be fully closed from Smoketree to Acoma each night through Jan. 18 – from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. The press release from the city says partial closures during the day are also anticipated over a period of four consecutive days during construction.

Knudson said the project is somewhat weather dependent. He said construction crews will need temperatures within a specific range when laying the new asphalt in order for it to achieve its maximum strength.

The press release says detour rounds will be set up near the project corridor. Drivers are encouraged to find alternate routes to avoid the area or allow extra travel time. Lake Havasu City hired Combs Construction to complete the project for $728,760, which is about $470,000 less than the $1.2 million put aside for the work in the CIP.


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cat9/agree..we need a volunteer group to help pick up the trash on 95, wow never have seen it this bad..


Glad to see this, but what happened to the facades of our store fronts? We have the appearance of a seedy 70's strip mall.


I am so grateful to live in a town that actually does things at the taxpayers convenience!!! It sounds like it was well planned and will be well executed; keep up the good work.


We are paying for asphalt! The skillset required for success is not real demanding. If the city inspector does her job, all will be fine. Thanks for the improvement Lake Havasu taxpayers!


As usual they get it wrong! All the paid for "studies" related to a "facelift" of the store fronts, not a repave of a street that sees 15 mph traffic and again we go with "low bidder". We have learned nothing from the low bidder experience and lack of due diligence on sewer re-do's costs!


Im pretty sure if Havasu city said they were going to give every resident of lake Havasu a $1000 dollar bonus you would find some negative to say. Why do you even live here....

Too old for this



It is the "tail wagging the dog"! Those expensive studies we pay for "all" relate to the store fronts being redone, so they spend 800K to do the street! Hello! McFly! And of course, it should be $2,000!

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