In 2009, the Refuge Golf Course and Country Club property, its related assets and 24 lots were purchased for $3.9 million by Cindy and Jerry Aldridge.

The Refuge Golf and Country Club has apparently closed its doors ­­­­­­­­­— and a sale to the nearby property owners could be pending.

Access to the gated facility on Thursday was not available and a News Herald reporter was told by an employee over the intercom that the club and course was closed. No one was available at the club to provide more information.

According to a newsletter sent out on Aug. 11 by the Refuge Property Owner Association to homeowners, the organization has been involved in 14 1/2 months of negotiations with Information Solutions, the owner of the golf and country club, to take over ownership.

The Refuge POA has a golf course advisory committee that inspected the infrastructure of the golf course and country club in May 2020. As a result of the inspection the committee recommended over $7.8 million repairs and restorations to the course.

After the committee inspected the course they wrote a 155 page report that laid out the capital requirements needed to address deficiencies and neglect due to an alleged lack of upkeep over the past few years.

“The 2020 report envisions returning the condition of the golf course infrastructure to its original, developer design and condition at a projected cost of $7,854,150, which includes replacement of the event tent with a permanent structure,” the newsletter read.

The newsletter said that on Aug. 4 the two parties had reached a tentative deal to acquire the golf course and country club assets, but two days later the POA was informed by Information Solutions that The Golf and Country Club would no longer be able to be financially viable operation and that the clubhouse restaurant would soon be permanently closed.

The newsletter also says that Information Solution told the POA that the golf course will remain open with limited staffing and over-seeding will not be happening in the near future.

Information Solution also requested the POA pay $350,000 to help a cash shortage.

“The Association has been asked to cover the $350,000 in operating expenses, including providing oversight as needed until a transaction can be consummated,” the newsletter read. “This request is unacceptable to the Association.”

Information Solutions purchased The Golf and Country Club in 2017 from Jerry and Cindy Aldridge who stayed on as the chief operating officer and treasurer until 2019. Don Clark was named Vice President and Treasurer of The Refuge and began overseeing club operations at the time, while Ed Little took over as Vice President of Golf Operations.

The Cooptation Commission lists the board of directors for Information Solution as Glen Nudelman, Don Clark, Lloyd Hightower, Ray Paci and Edward Little.


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Didn't the city give them a sweet deal on effluent water? They were initially suppose to pay for the line but that was waived by a prior administration?


This was a sweet deal for the city. The city needed a place to discharge the effluent water. As it is, the city still discharges water on the street near old 95 and new 95 across from the airport. The water then flows down a wash and into the lake.

Joe Nobody


I withdraw the crook comments and replace it with incompetency. The entire history of the place with the grand idea, being in 'Desert Hills', the ties / appt to the city council, to trying to get the city to buy it, the water issues, trying to run a restaurant, etc, is a great story!




A sale is not pending. The golf Course is for sale on the open market.

Joe Nobody

Normally, the homeowners could take ownership as they have a vested interest vs taking the money and run? Of course, the ones elected to run it will get on a power trip and make things worse and get voted out. Wash, rinse and repeat.


The homeowners have no requirement to take over the course. The golf course and the community are separate entities.

Joe Nobody

Regarding my comments? I mentioned no requirements. I said normally could. If it affected your home value, what would you do after a few rounds of crooks?


Things are not always as they seem. Previous owners were not crooks. They had no experience running the golf course. The BOD of the HOA was not helpful either. They sent millions in legal fees fighting with the golf course owners.


Just look at who was running it. You knew what would happen. The golf coarse was ruined years ago and all the money was sucked out of it. Now the home owners are stuck. Most people I talked to would never buy in there with all the turmoil. Sad but expected


Turmoil is exactly correct. There are a few very wealthy people that own homes and they have made life difficult for the golf course in the past.

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