wassup havasu

Lake Havasu City Councilman David Lane (left) chats with U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar at Friday’s “Wassup Havasu” event, presented by the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lake Havasu City has a lot to look forward to, and on Friday local residents got a sneak peek.

The Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a showcase of the city’s upcoming events season on Friday.

“Events drive vital economic development revenue in our community,” said Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Krueger at the event. “We don’t get many conventions in Havasu, and we have to think of events as our convention.”

The event, dubbed “Wassup Havasu,” featured representatives from 18 community events planned this October through April. “Wassup Havasu” hosted about 75 Havasu residents who were interested to hear what the community has in store. Exhibitors included representatives from Creative Comrades, the Havasu Allied Arts Council, the city’s annual Gem and Mineral Show, Fright Night and Lake Havasu City tourism officials. The event was also attended by U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, who requested an opportunity to see what Havasu’s events season has in store.

“Every community has its own ‘secret sauce,’” Gosar said. “And I enjoy having a chance to see how it’s built. These events attract people from all over the country and all over the world to the wonderful city of Lake Havasu. The biggest asset Havasu has are the people who make it such a great place to be.”

Although nonprofit and community organizations host events in Havasu throughout the year, the bulk of those events typically take place October through April, coinciding with the arrival of the city’s older seasonal visitors.

More than a dozen events are planned through October alone, and things are going to get busier.

For up-to-date information about events coming to Lake Havasu City, visit the tourism agency’s website at www.golakehavasu.com.


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