High winds postponed Thursday’s IJSBA World Finals at Crazy Horse Campgrounds, but IJSBA President Scott Frazier says the event is on track to resume Friday morning.

Thursday morning offered perfect weather for a surfing tournament, but unfortunately that wasn’t the event planned for Lake Havasu City this week.

The International Jet Sport Boating Association’s world finals were postponed Thursday due to high winds. With wind speeds as high as 35 miles per hour and gusts as strong as 50 miles per hour predicted by the National Weather Service, IJSBA officials chose to postpone their tournament due to high waves at their chosen venue.

Security guards turned away visitors at the northern slope of Crazy Horse Campgrounds, where the event was scheduled to take place, for fear that unsecured items could cause potential injury. According to IJSBA President Scott Frazier, Thursday’s winds will require that buoys will have to be repositioned in the lake Friday morning, but the organization’s staff was prepared for inclement weather.

“We were prepared for this, and scheduled for a wider run on Sunday just in case we had a down day,” Frazier said.

This year’s IJSBA World Finals is scheduled to host 320 competitors from around the world, and according to Frazier, the event usually sees thousands of spectators in Lake Havasu City. Although Thursday’s opening was postponed due to high winds, Frazier is planning for an active weekend. According to the National Weather Service, winds could slow to 24 miles per hour at most, with gusts as high as 36 miles per hour. Frazier says such winds are much easier to manage.

“Assuming the weather does what the National Weather Service says it’s going to do, we’ll be on the water Friday at 8 a.m., starting with the Amateur Freestyle event while our teams reset the tracks,” Frazier said. “I think we have this covered, and our people are fully prepared.”

High winds were responsible for more than the event’s postponement, however. Havasu’s AT&T subscribers also found themselves without service until about 11:30 a.m. Thursday, and incidents of downed signage were reported throughout the city Thursday morning.

Havasu’s weather is expected to calm by Saturday, with predicted wind speeds as low as five miles per hour.


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