Boats line the Bridgewater Channel

Boats line the shores of Bridgewater Channel during last year’s Memorial Day weekend.

Boaters in Arizona could soon face higher fees to register their watercraft, as Arizona Game and Fish officials examine possible increases to associated fees.

According to AZGF Wildlife Supervisor Dee Pflieger, those fees have remained the same for years while the cost of doing business has steadily increased throughout the state. Fees for boaters registering their respective watercraft have ranged from $20 to $66 per year, depending on the size of watercraft being registered.

“We want to raise boater registration fees in general,” Pflieger said Monday. “We’re looking to see if we can find a more appropriate cost.”

According to Pflieger, new registration fees could be submitted to the Arizona Governor’s Regulatory Review Committee within the next several weeks. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission will ultimately review such fees next January, Pflieger said, before they’re submitted to the Arizona Governor’s Office for final approval.

Pflieger says registration fees are only one item that arose during a review last week of AZGF’s regulations on watercraft.

The agency also will seek to end exemptions for boaters whose registration expires on a weekend. Until now, those boaters have been able to postpone re-registration by several days before renewing, Pflieger said. But with the advent of online registration, those exemptions may now be unnecessary.

“Now you can do it online, any time and anywhere you are,” Pflieger said.”

According to Pflieger, no other changes are planned for Arizona’s boating rules, other than definitions under Arizona boating laws that must coincide with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Those changes will be required only to ease Arizona’s efforts to seek federal grant funding for the state’s boating safety programs, Pflieger said.


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This is totally Arizona and probably overdue. Why blame Biden? You could blame Ducey and Arizona Fish and Game administration if you need to blame somebody.


Blame Biden for this.


Just another donation to contribute to the new Adminstration give-a-way fund. Take Arizona dollars to pay to cover "others" shortfalls. It's gotta come out of someone's wallet...Joe doesn't remember where his is.


If you can afford a $100k boat who cares about a small increase.


Let's be perfectly honest. Just like the MVD rip-off call it a TAX!


Dems love those taxes, you're right, "fees" and Taxes run the same railroad.

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