Lake Havasu City Police officers were called Wednesday to assist the U.S. Bureau of Land Management on London Bridge Road. According to the report, BLM agents found a homeless camp on State Trust land, where several hundred mounds of waste had been discarded. The occupants, identified by police as Sharron A. Pickrell, 31, and William A. Newman, 32, had been living in the area for several months.

Pickrell and Newman were warned against camping in the area, and were asked to remove all trash and personal items from their campsite. Officers returned to the area several times, according to the report, where they found little effort had been made by Pickrell and Newman to remove their trash and belongings from the area. When officers found them at the campsite again on Saturday, Pickrell was arrested at the scene on felony charges of littering and misdemeanor charges of illegal camping.


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ha so how do homeless people pay a fine? At least they get a shower now. Love the thumbs up, always good to see goodwill toward mankind.


Would you say the same thing if that trash were deposited in your yard?




Hard labor camp breaking big rocks into small rocks. [thumbup][thumbup]


the homeless live off the land by stealing from the working class around them, and then just trash the area, to lazy to get a job and to lazy to clean up after them self.


Will you look at that, another Compassionate Conservative heard from.

The United States government estimates around 650,000 Americans are now homeless. The reasons vary, from lack of affordable housing, lack of job opportunities, or personal problems such as drug and alcohol abuse. Many people assume that homeless people are lazy and spend all day sitting around doing nothing. While this may be true for some, it is certainly not true for all of them or even a majority of them.

When it comes to homeless people looking for work, the vast majority of them are actually looking for jobs or currently working jobs. The jobs they have may not be enough to pay the bills and are often small part-time jobs that are under the table, such as cleaning someone’s shop for them in the morning. Many homeless people would work a job they referred to as the “paper truck”. This was basically a job that paid less than minimum wage in which a man who owned a newspaper business would come and pick homeless people up in the morning and take them to neighborhoods in nearby cities to walk around and throw newspapers or advertisements onto people’s driveways. Many other homeless people would walk around and collect cans all day or scrap metal, and they would spend at least 4 hours or more a day doing this. Those who worked in the very early morning hours of around 3 a.m. would make more money since there were more cans or metal to be found at this time. So this may be why you see homeless people sitting around during the day time hours. They have already finished their work for that day.

Sometimes you see homeless people at the library sitting on the computers. A lot of times what they are actually doing is looking for work by going to Craigslist, CareerBuilder, looking up directions to businesses, or checking their emails to see if they have any job offers. So I would not call these people lazy since they are looking for work, the same as anybody else who is looking for work. They just don’t have the privacy other people have of sitting in their home while doing this, so it may appear that they are lazier than other people because you see them out in public sitting around instead of inside a home.

In order to get a job 20 years ago you had to go from business to business and ask them in person if they are hiring. But nowadays many of this is done online and for a homeless person, this may be the best way to go about things. Homeless people don’t always have the best attire on at all times and can’t always shave every single day or make sure they are clean and smelling good. So it may be wiser for them to try to find work using the internet, that way when they do get a call or an email for an interview, they will have a little time to clean themselves up before the employer or interviewer sees them in person, to avoid a negative first impression.

In fact, many homeless people would not appear to be homeless if you saw them walking down the street or in the library. People often assume homeless people are easily identifiable by long beards, dirty clothes, and shopping carts that they often push down the street. Most homeless people look like everybody else, shave and shower at the shelters and do their laundry at the Laundromat and leave their bags hidden somewhere or back in their tents. So you may not be able to tell who is actually homeless and who is not. Some of your fellow coworkers or the hardest working people at your place of work may actually be homeless themselves and you wouldn’t even realize it.


This is the best posting I have ever seen from HwyRovr. No bashing the President or Republicans or calling anyone names.

Way to go HwyRovr - please continue to post this kind of good information. Tom G.


TRom. This happens once in a blue moon. Don't expect this to happen again for many weeks.

bob b

Thank you for your mature and reasoned response. You sound like an adult in that post.


bob b [thumbup][smile]







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