A Bullhead City man accused in the murder of his mother had a history of run-ins with law enforcement over the past several years. As the Bullhead City Police Department prepares to close its investigation into the case, officers say 42-year-old Travers W. Proulx was well-known to authorities.

“We’ve had several contacts with Proulx in recent years,” said Bullhead City Police Communications Officer Emily Fromelt. “He’s been a suspect in investigations for forgery, counterfeiting, marijuana possession, disorderly conduct … the defendant was definitely known to Bullhead City Police officers.”

According to Arizona Supreme Court records, Proulx was charged with misdemeanor counts of assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property last January, in which the charge of criminal damage was dismissed. He was arrested again last May on charges of giving a false report to officers, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Last August, Proulx was again arrested when he allegedly attempted to forge checks and cash them at a Bullhead City bank. According to police, Proulx was successful in cashing one such check, belonging to a deceased person, in the amount of $800. When he allegedly tried to cash two more checks in the amounts of $3,500 and $500, the bank contacted officers.

As of this week, Proulx was still awaiting trial on charges of forgery, fraud, identity theft and theft of a means of transportation in that case.

Bullhead City Police officers were called to the home of Proulx’s mother, identified as 74-year-old Bette Vaughn, where she was reportedly stabbed to death Sunday after an argument with Proulx.

According to alleged witness statements, Proulx threatened to kill his brother and stepfather after allegedly stabbing Vaughn, and then fled from their home on foot. Police later found Proulx hiding in an abandoned home about two blocks from the crime scene, the report said. Proulx was transported to Mohave County Jail, and police later found the alleged murder weapon in a neighbor’s yard. Proulx remains in custody as of Monday on $2 million bond.

The case remains under investigation, but according to Fromelt, much of the work is done.

“We’re waiting for the autopsy results, which were due (Tuesday),” Fromelt said. “And we’re waiting for blood results to determine if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his arrest. There are a few more things to do before the investigation is all tied up.”


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Well, it looks like that will be one less vote for trump!

Can Of Corn

The guy in the article and HG aka Dawn King are the level of intelligence that plague Mohave County.


COC aka 🥫of🌽 interesting HG aka Dawn King[wink]

Can Of Corn

Well now he can wait for his day on the gurney at Florence Prison - Death Row unit.

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