Alexis Heckel,

Alexis Heckel,

A hostess and manager at Shugure’s, Alexis Heckel, 21, spent the last two years looking for a duplex in Lake Havasu City.

When Heckel was finally able to find a duplex for her and her two children replacing the rundown one they had been living in, rent ended up being more expensive than she had hoped.

“On my own without my daughter’s father’s income I wouldn’t have been able to qualify for anything,” Heckel said.

Heckel had plans to go to school, even had some money put aside for tuition, but with the rent she is paying now Heckel needs to work fulltime. Despite living in Lake Havasu City for 13 years, Heckel says that she is now looking to move to the Phoenix area.

“Everywhere has the same pricing right now but I would be able to make more money and probably be able to afford living out there,” Heckel said.

Overall the two year search has been an extremely draining process for Heckel filled with uncertainty. “It was stressful,” Heckel said. “It was very discouraging too, because you put in so much money for the application fees and you just get denied…because there are so many applications that they are looking at. There is so many people looking for places it feels impossible. You basically have to make what a doctor makes to afford any type of housing out here.’


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It's good to read the dad is kicking in to help. Broken homes do not help the financial challenge. alloveragain is spot on. This is her problem to solve.


Another victume of our housing market.


Good Luck to this young mother! Leave here, find a good job, buy a house you can afford, leave all doors open! there are still places in this country where jobs pay well, and housing is affordable, they just aren't "Tourism" focused!!

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