Tristan Jandrew

Tristan Jandrew is the Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator at Lake Havasu Unified School District. Jandrew was raised in Lake Havasu City, and after working at the state capital for a stint, he returned to Havasu to start his adult life. However, that is taking a little longer than expected.

Jandrew and his girlfriend have been looking for a house for about a year and a half, meanwhile they have been living with their family.

The search for a house started in Havasu but the lack of local inventory prompted them to expand their search to the entire county.

“There are a lot of duplexes and condos but we are looking for a single family home, something with a yard,” Jandrew explained.

Jandrew has run into the issue of the missing middle, a housing term used to refer to the lack of housing that is not on the extreme ends of the pricing scale.

“We see a lot of homes that are fixer upers and we would be willing to put the work in but we would rather have a turnkey, ready to move in home,” Jandrew said. “There are a ton of luxury homes on the water that we’ve seen and would love to take but that just is not possible. Maybe in five more years.”

Jandrew and his girlfriend aren’t rushing into anything, in fear that the dream home might just be right around the corner, but Jandrew says that if he was looking for a place just on his income there is no way he could get a house.

“It would be impossible,” Jandrew said. “You’d have to rent.”


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Havasu local 1

and just think several years ago all my friends laughed at me when I started buying up bank foreclosures in Havasu for around 120k. I put a lot of time and money renovating them. 5 houses later .. who is laughing at who.


Good luck.

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