The population of Tempe is much higher than both Summit County and Verde Valley, with 180,587 people living there according to the Census.

While Tempe does have a significant tourism industry like Lake Havasu City, it’s also home to large industries, including regional headquarters for businesses such as Chase, State Farm and GoDaddy. The city is also home to the main Arizona State University campus and the university is the town’s biggest employer.

A 2017 analysis by the city found that the housing stock in Tempe has an appropriate ratio of affordable (49.3), workforce (34.2) and market rate (16.5) housing for a city of its size. However, in anticipation of rapid community growth, the city is looking for ways to add more affordable and workforce housing to keep those ratios where they are at.

One strategy the city is trying is an initiative proposed by Mayor Corey Woods called Hometown for All. The initiative, approved on Jan. 14 by the town council, takes 50 percent of certain permit fees paid to the town and moves them from the Tempe General Fund to the Tempe Coalition for Affordable Housing which is affiliated with the city’s Housing Authority.

The funds that the coalition receives will be used to buy and rehabilitate properties or buy land and then look for developers or nonprofits willing to build workforce or attainable housing.

According to the press release announcing the Hometown for All initiative, this initiative is the first of its kind in Arizona.

“I want to see Tempe go above and beyond the successes we have already seen,” Woods said in the press release. “This is about helping people in need find housing here that they can afford.”

Funding from the initiative has already been used. In April the town council set aside $1.2 million for preliminary environmental and archaeological assessments of five lots of lands. Up to 325 apartments and 50 homes could be developed on the lots.


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Sonny. [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Time to bring back "The Trailer Park."


Maybe so. Let the private sector do it, though, without governmental involvement.

Middle of the Road

These articles are great, makes you access our City Council's commitment to creating more affordable housing. I see other communities, also sustained by tourism, creating new ideas to help with the problem. I ask, straight up, right now, what is our City council doing to "create" solutions to our affordable housing problem?? Would love for the paper to interview each councilmember and present Havasu's programs in progress to shine light on our housing issues.


It is not the taxpayers problem. When the word city is used the meaning is taxpayers. Not sorry!


It's not any city's job to "create" housing solutions. Government functions do not include the provision of housing for anyone. That's a private sector thing.


Funding from the initiative has already been used. In April the town council set aside $1.2 million for preliminary environmental and archaeological assessments of five lots of lands. This is the problem, money spent on wasteful studies rather than actual building.


1947 I agree all of the millions spent on studies. I admit that I am not well versed on running a city, but it seems like we have enough folks living in this city that are knowledgeable enough and submit some sensible comments on these articles that could do the studies for a lot less money and make it happen. I will volunteer to set up the meeting room and make the coffee. [beam]


Thanks for the offer. The people causing the problem run the city. I am not referring the the Mayor and the council, though they are all well connected. They have the answers. They would need to lower their living standards and lifestyle to support the cost of providing house. They are not inclined to do this. I have no answers other than to recommend; stay in school and learn a marketable trade or education, work hard, live within your means, and don't give up. It can be done, there are many examples out there. There are many many reasons life is becoming more difficult in the USA. I don't see it getting better, but hope it will.


Live within your means... That's what I do even being older. I don't need an expensive gaming computer, $1,200 cell phone, expensive tv, new car every 3 years, eating dinners out instead of home cooking and all of the latest and greatest gadgets. That's how we had to do it. Heck, my folks never bought me a brand new bicycle because they had to live within their means but we made it with hard work[beam]


You said a mouthful Sonny. That is our specialty . . . . Studies 101! This tradition has been handed down from previous city administrations, study, study, study, a study to study a study, ad infinitum! . . . . . then chaos, or like our many of our studies wind up in the "study warehouse" with the "Holy Grail"! Just look at the latest, the "water/sewer rate study" and the resulting negative fallout!

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