Lake Havasu City’s KNTR radio station has dropped “Floydian Slip” from its programming after remarks by the Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters last week.

Floydian Slip is a syndicated radio program featuring the music of Pink Floyd, and aired Sundays at 7 p.m. on KNTR. The conservative radio station, owned by Havasu resident Steve Greeley, pulled the show from its schedule this weekend.

Waters, who is known for his candid statements on the topic of social injustice, posted a statement to Facebook last Wednesday in which he called upon performers at the Super Bowl’s halftime show to “stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.” Waters requested that this weekend’s performers kneel on stage as a show of protest against racism.

According to Greeley, Waters’ declaration was another brick in a divisive wall for his audience, and one that his station could do without.

“When we heard (Waters) encouraged performers to take a knee, it felt like he was instigating something we thought was inappropriate,” Greeley said. “The Kaepernick thing was over … but this was just going to get that divisiveness brought up again. We decided it would be better to just not run the show anymore.”

Greeley made it clear that Waters’ request to performers at the Super Bowl was for them to kneel during the game’s half time show, and not during the National Anthem. Even so, KNTR General Manager Traceye Jones viewed Waters’ statement as offensive.

“KNTR News Talk 106.3 FM is a conservative radio station operated by a conservative owner,” Jones said in a public statement following the show’s cancellation. “If (Waters) chooses to use his fame to disrespect our nation then KNTR News Talk will use our freedom to not air his music.”


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“The Kaepernick thing was over … but this was just going to get that divisiveness brought up again. We decided it would be better to just not run the show anymore.”

What rock has this owner being living under? Why was it so hard to get performers to perform at the halftime show? Why are there still NFL players kneeling? I guess the owner is walking around with his fingers in his ears and yelling "I can' hear you. La La La La La" whenever Kaepernick is brought up. I'm glad that I have chosen to not listen to this garbage radio station for years.

Dawn King

Hey, it's a free country (for now, anyway), and KNTR can choose to broadcast whoever and whatever they want. And as consumers, we can easily tune to another channel. Actually, I appreciate that the News Herald alerted me to avoid KNTR, as well as advertisers I may not want to patronize. The article also serves to enlighten us about what this "conservative" station and its "conservative" owner and "conservative" general manager find "offensive." I guess KNTR is not "offended" by morally conservative Republicans and xtians that support a thrice married braggart with a well documented history of philandering, sexual assault, misogyny and racism. I guess KNTR is not "offended" by Law and Order conservative Republicans in supporting a draft-dodger that openly sucks up to dictators, disparages our intelligence agencies, and uses the courts as a bludgeon for social grievances. I guess KNTR is not "offended" by fiscal conservatives that support a serial bankrupted casino/strip club/real estate developer and conman. The math is very obvious. KNTR and its spokes holes are NOT conservatives. KNTR and the folks they speak to are hypocrites.


My child in the military believes we fought for the right to kneel, a peaceful protest that brings attention to a serious issue. You wouldn't be allowed to do that in North Korea, guess that is what makes us different, to bad those who are offended don't see that we fought for the right and appreciate the simple expression of freedom.


And yet Hannity, Levine and the other right wing loons get away with virtually every hate-filled comment imaginable. Typical Republican hypocrite trash.

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