Lake Havasu City Council

City Council members discuss a review of employee job positions.

City employees and their positions will be studied in depth for the rest of this year to make sure the job title, workload and pay all line up.

A positional analysis and compensation study of 451 city employees, encompassing 154 city positions, will begin immediately, after it was unanimously approved at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

The professional services contract required to complete the study was awarded to Chicago-based firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP. The study will cost the city a grand total of $91,500 and will involve creating new and updated job descriptions for necessary positions, identifying tasks that each position does on a regular basis and comparing the salaries of similar positions in communities that resemble Havasu.

The last time the city conducted a study like this was 12 years ago in 2007.

“Since then, there have been several changes to position classifications, new position additions and compensation adjustments,” said Shirlee Palbicki, Lake Havasu City human resources and risk manager. “So it’s time to do a new one.”

“In addition to the positional analysis, we will develop, along with the consultant, a customized performance measurement and evaluation system for each position,” Palbicki said.

The study will wrap up in December, allowing City Council to have six months to analyze the results and make any necessary adjustments to the budget before the close of fiscal year 2019-20.


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As always very amusing, guess the city's extremely generous contribution to the first responders retirement doesn't count. 80% retirement after 20 years, who else gets that.


. ". . . positional analysis, a customized performance measurement and evaluation system for each position" Will this "state of the art" system prevent a salary increase like the PIO/Asst Mgr the City Council hired for LHC City Manager for $149,000 plus perks and within 5 months on the job they gave him an unheard of substantial increase in pay with some hokey excuse to warrant the action while ignoring our first responders!

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