After three executive sessions and hours of discussion, the Lake Havasu City Council voted unanimously to institute a professional development plan for City Manager Jess Knudson.

The City Council called the executive sessions to evaluate the performance of Knudson after photos and videos appeared on social media and were sent anonymously to council members and Today's News-Herald. One photo that appeared to be taken after hours in the mayor's office showed a woman who was briefly employed by the city as a dispatcher with Knudson visible in a reflection. Several videos showed Knudson drinking alcohol with the same woman. Council members were also sent an anonymous letter decrying Knudson’s performance as city manager and calling for him to be fired.

During a public hearing on Thursday, Mayor Cal Sheehy said during the executive sessions the council conducted in-depth analysis of Knudson’s job performance before ultimately deciding on the six-month professional development plan.

“We put together a development plan that will be a path forward for us to give Jess the tools that he needs to be able to perform his job to the level that we expect as a council,” Sheehy explained after the meeting.

The six-month timeline would bring the city manager evaluation back before the City Council sometime around late February or early March.

City officials said further details about the analysis conducted by the council and what will be included in the professional development plan are unavailable due to state law barring disclosure of what was discussed in an executive session, and because it is a personnel matter for the city.


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Only in Havasu seems to have an axe to grind. It seems he may part of the effort that seems to not have the outcome he desired. Maybe he should man up and go and meet the manager in person. I guess you don't all recall that the manager is reviewed yearly and the recent review had no issues.


How about putting the City Council on a "job development plan"?[beam][lol]


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A waste of time and taxpayer money!


According to Google for simon1dog;

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They were not removed from office nor were they put on some type of performance improvement plan.

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And I think we would do well to just remember that every story we read is somewhat more complicated than what is printed.


Yes impeached as the law provides. the city manager has a contract with city. It would been interesting to read. I do not like much of the councils decision making, but I think they may have relied on legal council.


Flashback to Democrat - William Jefferson Clinton. He wasn't fired.


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only in havasu

This absolutely pisses me off! This guy is grossly incompetent. Who he plays with on top of the Mayors desk is bad enough- but he’s arrogant, rude, and dismissive to the Citizens of this community. He clearly does not support his employees, and my entire personal opinion of the council has rapidly changed. Rest assured - you WILL be hearing my many thoughts about this issue very soon. Give him a list so in six months everyone will have forgotten. Absolutely not. We thought we could trust them to do the right thing. Clearly we were wrong. Again. I expected more from some of these council members. They have failed the accountability test, and until this poor excuse for a dictator is FIRED - my support of this City is a thing of the past! Havasu ‘’leadership?’’ What a joke!!


Have not had any personal contact with this new City Manager, but from what I've heard, I'll have to agree with you. Now, I feel that, while what he does on his own personal time is not our business, there are limits. He is a public figure, and represents LHC - - us. Surely I am not the only one to notice that in the video it wasn't only drinks being consumed! What kind of drink is consumed by running a folded piece of paper under one's nose and sniffing? And then allowing that to be filmed? Doesn't pass the smell test.




It appears the “pitchfork and torch” crowd is gathering in the streets? To heck with “due process” and legitimate legal norms. [thumbdown][huh][scared] Deaton


The City should not be allowed to hire non-technical managers outside Mohave County without voter approval. We have many very qualified individuals working here, not necessarily in government jobs, who should be interviewed and rated before we pay $$$ for an executive search. I don't have a problem with $150K for a button-sorter. After all, "if you can organize a kid's birthday party, you can be a project manager". I agree with another poster - we should not be paying this guy for OJT - professional development plan - at what cost, Mr. Mayor???


I just don't get it?? I thought a City Manager should already be "professionally developed"?? After 3 executive sessions and hours of discussions this is what it has come down to! How does someone bring women into the Mayors office for a late night rendezvous and continually lie (lets call it what it is) to council and the public, and somehow continue to have the council's support? What does he have on them? I have watched these meetings online and watched how the positional analysis has turned into complete garbage. The City Manager speaks in front of council, talks in circles, doesn't really answer the actual question, and recently talks about how he is meeting continually, sometimes hours, with department heads and involving others in the positional analysis process, to then just have the department heads (public works director, judge, police chief) stand up one right after the other and say the complete opposite. It is clear that there is no trust in this guy by the employees, no communication happening, and the city is a complete mess right now. It looks like the police and fire groups also can't get anywhere with him. He tells the city council what he wants them to hear and they buy off on it. Seems like the City Council needs 6 months of professional development (whatever that is??) or better yet hopefully not reelected. Nobody seems to want to take a stance on what is the right thing to do. City Manager or not, any other employee of the city would have been terminated.


D. In the event Commission determines that the performance of Employee is unsatisfactory in any respect or needs significant improvement in any area, Commission shall describe these concerns in writing and in reasonable detail or with specific examples so as to be objective and positive in An adequate opportunity shall be provided for Employee to discuss the evaluation with the Commission.


A person in this leadership position should be terminated. Performance plans at this level are pure non sense.


If the city wants to avoid a lawsuit; a plan is necessary. labor law 101.


They already have cause to terminate with obvious policy violations.....duh 101


What is obvious to you? What he does on his own time is his business. The pic in the office was not cause for termination, The city can't make the rules after the fact. I am certain the council had legal advice. There is a process that must be followed, like it or not!


Now, now, hold on, he might be qualified for that "slow/stop" traffic control person on road construction sites or maybe the "water truck" guy. He will have plenty of room to move up in the organization and the council will not have to search for some individual/consultant with suitable qualifications to generate a "job development plan".


Fair response by the council. Smart approach to solving the matter.


The previous administration hired Mr. Knudsen to a responsible leadership position, "City Manger", and obviously did a poor job in performing due diligence. You don't hire someone, present them with a $149,000 salary plus perks, then reward them with a $6,000 pay increase a short time later with some hokey excuse stating an alignment in the paygrade was necessary. Then after 3 executive sessions it is determined that the person placed in this city executive position requires a "job development" plan! What? Hello!, McFly!, Anybody home! Why not admit the hiring process was flawed, call a spade a spade, the wrong person was hired and placed in a position he was not qualified for! The result after all this mumbo-jumbo sounds more like "on the job training"? What is this?, Management for Dummies 101! Hire a qualified "City Manager" and if you must keep this individual place him in a salaried/hourly position commensurate with his qualifications and put an end to this embarrassment. We have experienced this before with the City Council's recruiting of an inept leader of the CVB, only he was unceremoniously released with an over the top financial settlement and later returned with a lawsuit against the city. What we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history!

Objective Dialectic

STFD [thumbup]


Totally agree with you. What kind of Bozo's do we have running this town. Small town flunkies with their hands in the pockets of those who live here for their personal gain.

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