Vacant county land on Swanson Avenue

Less than an acre of vacant county land lies on the 2200 block of Swanson Avenue, where it has remained closed to visitors in search of parking space. That could change, however, as Mohave County and Lake Havasu City officials enter negotiations for a possible lease agreement for the property.

The Lake Havasu City Council will hold a special meeting next week to discuss the possibility of purchasing a county-owned lot in the downtown area that was once home to the Mohave County Senior Center in Havasu.

The 0.8 acre lot, located at 2223 Swanson Avenue just south of the intersection with Acoma Boulevard, has been the subject of discussions between Havasu and Mohave County for the past few months. In September, the county Board of Supervisors voted to explore a potential 5-year lease with the city for use of the property – with the idea that the city would put in a parking lot to serve the downtown area. Then on Dec. 5, the Board of Supervisors were told that Havasu had interest in purchasing the property rather than leasing it.


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Havasu Guy

Don't we have a new bus system that can handle the occasional event parking?

shutthe frontdoor

LOL! We have new buses, bus stops, bus schedules/routes. One important ingredient is missing, the lack of residents, tourist-os and visitors using it.

Kevin Murphy

The city has built and 100% funded at least 4 previous parking lots. When will they stop using our tax dollars to subsidize the businesses in this area. If more parking is needed the downtown should create a taxing district to pay for any additional parking. They need to quit gifting to these businesses.

shutthe frontdoor

". . . eyes lot for downtown parking." The city already owns an overpriced lot on McCulloch and is eyeing a future money pit for a park/community center, a focal point on the Blvd of dreams in the midst of taverns, sports bars, tattoo parlors, pawn/gun shops and eateries. Why not save some of that budget money and build a parking lot there, can you Dig it?

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